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Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 10:33:59 -0600
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-by Stephen Bennett.

On December 7th 2004 I had a very specific word relating to different
things in the  local church and beyond. The following was part of that:

Ministry and immense generosity to the poor will become a specific
hallmark of the apostolic move in the church.

God is placing doctors, medical suppliers, wealth creators,
financiers, and key people with great access to foods, and supplies
for strategic influence on governments and peoples. There is a
whole new guard of apostolic aid suppliers being prepared by God
to come from the Church not just independent agencies.

This will be different to what has been pioneered before, because
the supply will be phenomenal, the poor and disenfranchised are
very strong on the Lord¹s heart. There are those that will lay down
their lives for this, it will be so strong. This will release a great
transfer of wealth because it will be lending to the Lord at a high level.

I want you to note that the supply will be phenomenal. Right now
as we speak this is to be fulfilled. The nations are in a time of
co-ordination to raise the billions of dollars needed to give to the nations.

I want to say prophetically that the Church is on the brink of a great
opportunity to give at unprecedented levels.

It was also no coincidence that this Tsunami happened on Boxing
Day. The tradition of Boxing Day is said to date from the Middle
Ages. A British tradition where Lord and Ladies presented gift
boxes to their servants, and priests who opened the church¹s alms
and charity boxes on the day after Christmas and distributed the
contents to the poor, needy individuals and also the giving of food,
clothing and other gifts to charitable organizations.

Right now I believe there is a power shift happening in the spirit
that is turning the church to give like never before: unprecedented
giving, governmental giving, extravagant giving. The poor and hurting
are deeply on the heart of God.

The Church has a great opportunity to be an example and to really
motivate the nations to give way beyond what is even happening now.

This giving to the poor is lending to the Lord according to scripture.
Great blessing will come on the nations that will give extravagantly.
This will precede a massive wealth transfer into the kingdom of
God, helping to facilitate the gospel into the nations. Great waves
of His glory will be released in the earth. We are on the brink of
seeing this unfold.

2005 is a year of great release and acceleration in the Spirit. Many
of you have been prepared for a time such as this. Keep walking,
don¹t give up - walk close to God and truly be His sons and
daughters. Give to this relief effort wherever you are.  God is in it,
and you will be blessed.

~Stephen Bennett.