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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 14:09:12 +1200
From:           	Fluteluvr@...
Date sent:      	Wed, 6 Aug 2003 16:03:52 EDT
Subject:        	Re: USA TRIP - A REAL EYE-OPENER

When you come over here you experience what I call "the frog in the pot of
water" experience. Put a frog in a pot, then put the pot upon the stove
and turn on the heat. We all know that eventually the frog dies. However
if you were to throw a second frog in that same water, he would do all
that he could do to get out. The first frog gets acclimated to the gradual
change in the temperature but it causes him to be cooked. Anything you 
stay in long enough, you get used to it and lose your "edge."

When the LORD first called me out of the denominational church, 
I missed the fellowship and the "spirit" I felt in the church. After being 
set apart for over a year, I tried to return but the "spirit" was different. I
discerned so many spirits that were not godly spirits in the churches. It
was quite disturbing because there was such adversity and strife. It was
as if I was wearing a suit of 1000 watt light bulbs. I was seeing things
that I had never seen before. At one church, there were witches in that
church-they were speaking in tongues and doing the common things that you
tend to see in the pentecostal/charismatic services. I was watching in
amazement! When I left, a young lady followed me out of the building and
said "I know who you are. You are a seer." I never returned to that church
only because the LORD just wanted me to "see" what was going on. He then
explained to me about the "frog in the water" syndrome.

It is easy for you to perceive certain things because you are not here -
you are like that 2nd frog. You can discern certain things immediately
upon walking into them.  Also the LORD explained to me that whatever
cannot be stopped, the devil will try to pervert and pollute. How does he
accomplish this? Through compromise.

The prophecy that I read from Flo Lamar sounds like she was in my prayer
room when this came forth to me. Please Keep sounding the alarm! Perhaps
the church will stop hitting the spiritual snooze button and wake up! Be 

From:           "Tammy G Cigolotti" <tcig@...>
Date sent:      	Wed, 6 Aug 2003 08:35:47 -0400

For a while now I have been in sorrow for the church.  For years I have
attended church and tried to get in but it all just seemed like a "game".
So much confusion, competition, envy, strife, bitterness, power struggles,
you name it, it's there.  I was once told by a prophetess that I needed to
get a new car because the 17 year old van I was driving (rust and all) was
not really a good witness to others.  I wondered if anyone told Jesus he
needed a new donkey since the one He rode on was borrowed.

I've gone back to the time when I realized that I was accepted by God 
thru the shed blood of Jesus.  Oh, how He wrapped his arms around 
me and showered me with His sweet accepting love (van and all) that 
day. I was alone in my family room when He came to me and from 
that day on my life was never the same.  All I wanted was Him.

I sought nothing but Him.  Life was all about Him.  I wasn't seeking my
ministry or position or things.....just Him.  When I read His Word, I felt
as though I was sitting there with the disciples listening to His every
word.  At that time, I could hear from Him so clearly....I doubted nothing.
I would act on what he would say to me and when he would say and I saw Him
move on people to save their souls, heal them, give them joy...it was a
wonderful time in my life.

But then I started going to church.  That's when things became hard,
confusing, fearful.  I heard so much that if you don't do this and do 
that, then you better check your salvation.  So then began the battle.  
I couldn't do it all, but if I didn't, then came the judgement from all the
"christians" in the church.  I could no longer hear God clearly.
My vision became cloudy.  Serving God wasn't sweet anymore. It 
became scary.

Always being afraid that God was displeased with me because I 
wasn't doing everything the way they said, not reading enough, not 
praying enough, not praying loud enough, not involved enough, not 
giving enough, not going to church enough, not knowing enough, 
I never seem to have enough faith... (Some use their "stepping 
out on faith" as an excuse to get what THEY want, saying "I'm going
to do this or that and believe God to bless it", when it isn't God's will or
timing for them to do it at all).  I became blind and deaf to the truth, only
to be led by the blind and deaf.

So I've gone back to the days when it was just me and Him.  When I could
bask in His light, the light that the world did not comprehend.  My prayer
is Psalm 43:3 "O send out THY light and THY truth: let them lead me; let
them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles.  Then will I go
unto the altar of God, unto God my exceeding joy: yea, upon the harp will I
praise thee, O God my God."  I am being revived, renewed:  my joy has
returned.  I have since found others who want nothing but Him and Him alone.
We no long drink the waters of Marah.   We feast upon the bread of life, and
drink from the fountain of living water.  We strive to be doers of His Word,
not mans.  O what joy, O what fellowship as we lean on the everlasting arm
of God.  The rest, the peace, the joy is undescribable.   No more
foundations built on the sand.  We shall not be moved, because on this rock,
the gates of hell shall not prevail.  Though He slay us, we will serve Him.
To dwell in the secret place of the Almighty is to have a peace beyond
understanding.  It is a place where love exceedingly abounds.  It's a place
where you seek the well being of others more than yourself.  A place where
faith is shown by obedience to God's Word.  I love it here.  It's a haven.
My body may live in this world physically, but this spiritual handmaiden is
not of this world.  I have found my promised land where there is bread
without lack, a land of fountains and depths and springs of water for the
refreshing of my soul.  Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!

-Tammy Cigolotti.