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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 12:42:16 -0600
-Andrew Strom.

Even though I was the organizer, I was taken by surprise by the 
'John-the-Baptist' Conference over the weekend. It has changed me 
and brought me into a new place. There was a very good turnout 
from all over North America (-even quite a few from Canada), and 
mostly the preaching was all that I could have hoped for - but this 
was not what really surprised and changed me. (-Though it helped).

I think as much as anything it was the PEOPLE whom God
brought to this gathering, and the feeling from so many of them 
that NOW IS THE TIME to walk into what God has been calling 
us into for so long. I have never felt this so strongly in our 
previous gatherings. But now suddenly it is there.

I do not believe that the people on this List or at this Conference 
are the type to rush ahead "in the flesh". We are mostly far too 
burned-out on 'Religion' to find any appeal in that. God often 
had to 'crush' it out of us in the past and so the thought of 
creating another 'Ishmael' makes most of us sick to the stomach. 
And so I was very surprised at the mood of the people - and it 
opened some doorways that I had been holding closed inside
myself for fear of ever getting into 'striving' again. I had developed
a great fear of striking out and 'starting' something - maybe too 
much fear. Perhaps it had been 'paralysing' me.

What am I really getting to here?

Well, the feeling was overwhelming by half-way through the 
Conference that it was not good enough just to provide a  
'Battle-Cry'. It was not right merely to get people fired-up and yet 
never provide an answer to the basic question "SO WHAT DO 
WE DO NOW?"  It became glaringly obvious that there had to be 
a 'Battle Plan' as well. I was totally unprepared for this turn of 
events and we immediately began to seek God for answers. Some 
of them God had already shown me over the years. But I had 
been avoiding the topic. 

When we asked how many people were feeling this way, there 
was always a huge showing of hands. One of the things that 
really became apparent was that people were feeling very "alone". 
Often they have almost no-one to pray with who sees things the 
way they do. This feeling was very widespread. So it is clear that 
we need to use this List to connect people regionally, so they can 
pray and fellowship and MAKE A LOUD TRUMPET-CALL in their
area. I am going to work out a way of doing this with the List. 
(-Only for those who want to participate, of course) I apologise 
that I have taken so long to see this.

But it is more than that. God is talking to us about GETTING THE
MESSAGE OUT in a far more effective way. -The message of
REPENTANCE and a return to "Book of Acts" Christianity.

We need a 'Battle-Plan' for doing this that does not involve starting
a new "church", but rather a way of 'raising our voice' all over the
nation in a new way. I believe it is very simple. And this is the time. 
I believe this is heavy on the heart of God. He wants to see His 
church and this nation repent. 

The simple 'Battle-Plan' that came out of this weekend I am going 
to publish as a separate email tomorrow. I believe it is important 
for this List and I would ask each of you to read it carefully.

Also, we will be putting out a 2-CD set full of 160 minutes of audio 
from the Conference next week. I think that overall, the preaching 
was the most powerful of any event we have ever held. It went to 
a new level, I believe. -A great weekend.

At this Conference we had many times when people came up 
to the microphone to share or pray. This was also critical. The
Body was ministering to the Body. And the prayer meeting on 
Sunday morning had just about the sweetest sense of God's 
presence that I have ever felt in a prayer-meeting. All in all, it 
was a truly wonderful weekend. Thankyou so much to all who
attended and everyone who prayed. My wife and I felt so much
better as the Conference began.

I will let you know about the CD's. And please watch out for the
'BATTLE-PLAN' email, my friends.

God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.