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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 19:35:53 -0600
ANDREW STROM WRITES:  In November last year I published
an article that sent a kind-of "shockwave" through the Prophetic 
Movement. It was simply entitled "WHY I LEFT THE PROPHETIC 
MOVEMENT".  The main reaction from the leaders addressed 
in that article seemed to be either dismissive or reactionary for 
the most part, and I had no illusions that it would go much further 
than that. I certainly do not believe that the issues I raised have 
been addressed in any meaningful way. 

But it was at least a little encouraging to see the below article
by Shawn Bolz this month (-a "lesser-known" member of the
'Whitedove' team). For the first time, someone from that circle
seems to be coming to grips with the fact that it is GOD who
is bringing shaking to that movement - and it is HE who is
calling for "GREAT REFORMATION". Will that movement repent
in time? Personally, I believe - NO, THEY WON'T. That is why
I had to leave. Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that many of 
them are deeply deceived, and are in severe danger of missing out 
on the very "move" that they themselves have prophesied. But it is 
at least encouraging that glimmers of light are getting through. 
Shawn Bolz's article is below:
March 15, 2005-
"The Marriage of the Word and the Spirit"
by Shawn Bolz [-WhiteDove Ministries].

"Martin Luther and the Wittenberg Door"

I had a vision of a hand with a hammer in it. With violence in its 
strokes, the hand was nailing a paper to a large door. I looked 
at the paper and heard a loud noise that sounded like an explosion 
that shook the entire heavens. 

As I was observing this scene, I remembered Martin Luther nailing 
his thesis to the Church door in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 
31st in the early 1500's. These 95 theses carried the theme that 
we are not justified by the Church but by faith, and that we all had 
the God-given authority to have our own relationship with God. 
The main fruit of this was that Martin Luther was able to print the 
Bible for every one to have the opportunity of reading it; the 
common people were empowered to read the logos Word for themselves. 

Since the early church, never had the entire world changed so 
much. It was not revival of God's people or a few saved in one 
church; all of society began to change as people were able to 
understand who they are to God. It was a reformation of identity 
and the protestant Church came out of this incredible dynamic. 
It affected art, music, science, business, politics, and, of course, 
the Church. Nothing went unaffected by the great revelation of 
God being poured out. 

"A Thesis is Again Being Nailed to the Door of Every Church"

I saw a paper being nailed to a door in my vision, just like the 
one Martin Luther nailed to the door in Wittenberg, but this one, 
although similar, was different. If Martin Luther's read in theme 
like this: "All people shall have access to the Bible; to have their 
own identity in God through reading His Word and no one, not 
even a priest, can get in the way of this . . . " Then this new 
thesis was themed with a similar message but about the Spirit: 
"All people shall have access to the Spirit of God; to have their 
own identity in relationship to Heaven by hearing the voice of 
God, and no one can interfere with this spiritual heritage . . . "

This paper I saw was the release of the Spirit of Revelation to the 
common person on the earth. It was like Joel saw in Joel 2:28, 
with the Spirit of God released on all flesh. This is available to 
our generation; a relationship to heaven and Jesus. As God 
empowers His people with a Spirit of Revelation to have the Logos 
and the Rhema, there is again going to be a change in all society 
that transpires. 

"The Marriage of the Word and the Spirit"

I believe what a well-known prophet prophesied in 1989 about this 
end-time mandate is essential to understand now. He prophesied 
that God is going to restore the Rhema word so there will again be 
a marriage between the Logos and the Rhema. Furthermore, it is 
going to bring the greatest revival the world has ever seen. The 
enemy would love for us to disregard or forget these powerful 
declarations prophesied in light of the difficulties experienced by 
several high profile prophetic people. However, we need to hear 
this message more now than ever. 

"A Divine Frustration"

There is a disinterest and even frustration in people's hearts 
towards the prophetic ministry right now. We have had several 
accusations against our own ministry on a level we have not had 
in years. One day, while asking the Lord about this, He spoke to 
me and said, "The reason why these letters and communications 
are being spread and have found such a broad audience is because 
there is a root of disappointment in My people towards prophetic 
ministry and its ministers. I am allowing frustration within people's 
hearts so that they will be hungry to have their own life of revelation 
and not exalt ministries to do it for them. I am a jealous God and 
I will not let the main source of their revelation be from a man, no 
matter how much I love that ministry."

God wants each one of us to have a prophetic journey and a life 
of revelation birthed from His heart. This does not negate the need 
for the prophetic ministry but enhances it. We need prophets, but 
we can not live out of an unhealthy desire for them to replace our 
need for our own revelation. The way that most of the church 
treats the prophetic right now is not a function of relationship with 
the Kingdom; but instead we are allowing a few prophetic ministries 
to hold a position that God wants to be common in the body of 
Christ . . . that all of His people will have revelation and therefore 

"God is Judging the Prophetic Ministry on the Earth"

God is presently judging ministries of revelation, not because He is 
upset with us, but because he wants to make us better. It is His 
kindness not to leave us where we are. It's easy to get discouraged 
when we see many are being disciplined, but if you see God's heart 
of love, you will not feel like the sky is falling but that His heart is 
more present. Jesus longs for a corporate people who will cry out on 
earth with revelation of His heart and Word. He loves the prophetic 
ministry and is calling it higher. The fruit of this will far outweigh the
discouragement some feel in the process. 

"The Modern Day Printing Press"

In Martin Luther's day the printing press was inspired by God in 
technology to spread the Word quickly. The Bible was given into 
the hands of every human who wanted it, and many other books 
were quickly distributed which caused world wide change as the 
Logos was given back to the body. 

In our day God has invented the internet, television, radio, and 
movies. He has a goal for each one of these mediums to be used 
as broadcasters of His Rhema and Logos words. He allowed 
these inventions so He can get glory from them. Many Christians 
protest these very powerful communication networks because 
they are frustrated with the materials being put out by them. 
Nevertheless, the most powerful protests will be when we overtake 
them because we have such revelation of Jesus that we begin to 
use them to broadcast His name all of over the earth with fresh 
manna from heaven. This is our portion. 

"Do You Want a Visitation?"

Has your heart come to a place where you don't want another 
prophetic word from someone else? Have you come to the place 
that you just long to see Jesus and hear from Him yourself? Do 
you want a visitation of Him alone? This is mature hunger, and 
it's being given all over the world right now. 

In John 17, Jesus cries out to God: "Father, I want them to be with 
me where I am! I want them to see My Glory." 

He wants you to be with Him, to know Him intimately and to hear 
His voice. In this most powerful prayer of the Bible, He expresses 
His longing for you to know Him with full knowledge and full 
understanding that can only come through the Spirit and the Word 
being married. 

Whenever your heart groans to encounter Him, remember this: He 
wants it more than you do. Will God deny Himself? 

~by Shawn Bolz,
WhiteDove Ministries.