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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 14:16:17 -0600
NOTE:  We had some powerful and real "breakthrough" type 
meetings in Texas this past week. In fact, James Smith turned up 
at the last minute and led even more of them after I was gone! -A 
wonderful time. Thankyou for all your prayers, my friends. 

-Andrew Strom.

As you know, we have been discussing the concept of a "movement" 
on this List lately. The response has been overwhelmingly positive - 
both at our recent 'John the Baptist' Conference and on this List. I 
want to tell you, I have NEVER seen this kind of response from 
"wilderness"-oriented Christians before. For 20 years now I have 
been involved with these kinds of people. -The kind who are sighing 
and crying for the 'Real Thing' - and who will NOT settle for 
anything less. Those who were at the Conference were very much 
this way. And so I was astounded when they indicated so strongly 
that they felt God wants us TO DO SOMETHING - ie. something 
'CORPORATE'. This is completely unheard-of in my experience 
with "wilderness" Christians.

Could it be that there has been a fundamental change of season 
this year? Have we turned some kind of corner in the spirit - where 
things are suddenly different? All I know is that personally, every-
thing feels very different to me. And God is putting things together 
right now in ways that simply were not happening last year.

As I said, I have never seen "wilderness" Christians react that way
before. Let's face it. Most of us have been in far too many situations 
where things were supposed to be 'Spirit' but quickly went into the 
flesh. We want no more "Ishmaels". We want no more "good 
ideas". We want the real thing or nothing at all. 

-Which makes it even more astounding that these people are 
responding the way they are. All I can conclude is that it has to 
be GOD doing it.

One thing I believe we need to be committed to is keeping things 
as simple as possible - and not getting carried away. We have two 
pretty basic goals - to 'get people together' and also to "get the 
message out". Pretty simple and not requiring great "organization"! 
(-Though it will require some).

We want no 'membership signups', no joining fees, no centralized
hierarchies, no legalism, no controlling leadership - NONE of that. 
We simply want to see people connected together, praying together, 
and to get a 'John-the-Baptist' type message out. That is all.

So I have been pondering all of this. And the first step in the
process seems fairly straight-forward, really.

Clearly, the first thing we need is "facilitators" in each area, 
to put people in touch with others in that region. And it is very 
important that these are the right kinds of people - true facilitators 
and "servant leaders" rather than 'controllers'. I am convinced that 
there are literally HUNDREDS (probably THOUSANDS) of people 
on this List who would do a wonderful job of this. I am putting out 
a separate email in a few days, asking for these kinds of people 
to contact me. (-Please wait until then before replying!)  Read it 
and see if you are one who could help. 

Remember, this whole thing involves connecting people together 
who truly have a heart after God, but who feel very 'alone' right now. 
Connecting them with others is a wonderful thing - but it requires 
great sensitivity. I have to say, it is something that I really should 
have made a priority on this List a long time ago.

So finding good 'facilitators' is the first step. -And starting a 
separate "contact" Email List for each area. What I foresee is 
that people will suddenly find that there are numerous others in 
their region who are like-minded in so many ways. They will 
begin to get together and pray. They may even come together in 
a nearby city with others at regular intervals. A 'John the Baptist' 
Conference will be held to make a "loud trumpet call" in that area, 
and even more like-minded people will come alongside. There will 
be more and more prayer, and greater opportunity than ever for 
the church to be challenged with a 'John the Baptist' type message. 
Whatever happens beyond that is simply up to God.

I have to say I am very excited by all this. I truly believe God is 
the one behind it. All I can ask you to do, my friends, is pray and 
see if it resonates with what God is saying to you. 

I know that some people have been so alienated by things in 
today's "system" that they have become extremely suspicious of 
anything that gathers people like this. I am very sorry about that - 
I really am. It is the one thing that saddens me most about the 
whole "wilderness" movement. But isn't it true that unless there is 
some kind of 'coming together' at a very basic level, then the whole 
concept of 'Body' is lost? Surely we have to come together 
somehow for the Body to even function? I am hoping that even 
some of these kinds of people will allow for the possibility that 
God may be the one who is authoring this, and perhaps they 
should at least keep an open heart.

Please keep me in your prayers as this whole thing unfolds, my 
friends. I want every decision that is made to be a "God" decision 
and nothing less.

There will be an email asking for "Facilitators" and another 
email about the Conference CD's coming out this week.

God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.