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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 09:55:04 -0600
Very sorry if you have received this twice.

*IMPORTANT*:  If you REPLY to this email, please write in 
the 'subject' line your nearest Major City and State/ Nation. 
FRANCE", etc.  It will make things so much easier!

-by Andrew Strom.

The most crucial thing we need if we are going to use this List to 
connect people, is 'Facilitators' in each region. I am hoping that 
we may be able to find at least two or three in each area. There 
is no doubt that this is something of a "leadership" role - but it is 
one that has to be totally based in 'servanthood' above all else. 
There are so many good-hearted people that I have come across 
on this List. Please apply for this job if that is you - because we
need open and honest and anointed people for this task. Someone
that is secretly out for themselves or to promote "their ministry" 
or build up "their own thing" will cause a world of problems. This 
really is a selfless job that needs to be done here. We need to 
connect people together and facilitate true "Body ministry".

Below are some criteria that will help us find the right people:

(1)  Do you feel "called" in some way to leadership of this kind? 
Do you have a God-given desire to serve the Body?

(2)  Are you a "facilitating" kind of person? Do you naturally LOVE 
to see OTHERS raised up into their calling - not just yourself? Do 
you love to encourage and bring others forward in God?

(3)  It will help greatly if you are already the leader of a prayer
group or house-church or something similar.

(4)  Please read the 'Qualifications for an Elder' in 1 Tim 3:1-12.
Do you truly "qualify" for this kind of job, according to this passage? 
(Note the instruction- "Must not be a NOVICE, lest PRIDE enter in", 
etc. Do you have enough YEARS and enough EXPERIENCE in the 
things of the Spirit, to do this job properly?)

(5) It may be an advantage if you have been on our List or website 
for a couple of years. (-Not totally essential).

(6) Do you have the ORGANIZING ABILITY to help plan a simple 
Conference in your region?

(7)  Are you willing to be publicized as a "contact person" - so that 
people in your area will be able to call you and be connected to others?

One of the main things that these Facilitators will be responsible 
for is arranging the larger Gatherings. (-These may be monthly or 
whatever). A lot of these meetings will involve "open-mic" times 
where the Body can minister to the Body. It takes a lot of sensitivity 
to lead these kinds of meetings - because so many people have 
wonderful things to share, but sometimes there are those who will 
ruin things if they are allowed to speak too much. Usually we set 
a "time limit" of 5 minutes per person, but sometimes I will go so 
far as to ask a particular person NOT to speak. (I hate doing this, 
but sometimes it is necessary). We want to be as "open" as we 
can, without losing our discernment or common-sense. 

In essence these will be "prayer" meetings - open for anyone to 
lead in prayer or share a word or bring a 'spiritual song', etc. -Then 
a "sharing time" near the end. We need to have meetings that are 
truly "open" for the Holy Spirit to move - but not so open that the 
devil can get in and ruin things! I have to say that mostly I have 
found it best to trust people and to err on the side of "openness".

When this whole thing gathers steam, I think a lot of people will 
want to start prayer groups in their homes as well. -Which is great! 
Obviously you do not need "permission". Just go for it! 


As you can tell, the only way we are going to be able to do all of
this is to have good Facilitators in each region to help bring
people together.

So if you believe you may be a suitable person for this task, 
PLEASE PRAY about helping us with this. Some of you may 
already have a sense from God that you are meant to be involved. 
As I said, we are hoping for several Facilitators from each region. 
If we don't get these people, it is likely that whole areas may 
miss out. -So please pray about helping us, my friends.

If you feel right about it, then PLEASE REPLY to this email. When 
you do so, it will be helpful if you can put your nearest MAJOR 
CITY and STATE in the 'subject' line. (eg. "HOUSTON, TEXAS" or 
"SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA", etc). Also, please let us know a bit of 
background about yourself and include your PHONE NUMBER in 
case we need it. If you lead a small group already, then please 
include that also.

Please ONLY reply to this email if you want to be a 'Facilitator'.
Our email address here is-  revival2@...

I know that God can do awesome things when like-minded 
PRAYING PEOPLE are connected together. I am truly looking 
forward to all your replies from around the world, my friends.

God bless you!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.