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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 13:05:20 -0500
-Andrew Strom.

It was when a gentleman wrote to me that he understood our
Conferences were all about 'How to witness to people' that I
knew we had a serious communication breakdown. I guess
I never have explained exactly what these "John the Baptist"
events are all about, have I?  What if I told you that the whole
point is the "Restoration of New Testament Christianity" - truly
experiencing it. Would you believe me? Or would you say that I 
am 'dreaming' and that such a thing is "impossible"? -That we
cannot simply return to New Testament Christianity over a weekend?

Well, I have come to believe that it really is possible to have a 
"New Testament weekend" - and that it can change your life. 
Before the first 'John the Baptist' Conference, I would not have 
even dreamed of such a thing. But since then, it is very clear to 
me that this is what God wants. And so this is what our 'John 
the Baptist' Conferences are now about. They are about a "New 
Testament weekend". -Truly. I am serious.

It is all based on 'Restoration'. -Restoration of the essential truths
and experiences that made NT Christianity what it was. The most
essential thing to be restored is the 'APOSTOLIC GOSPEL'. -In
other words, the gospel that the apostles preached - with NT 
anointing and authority. If we do not have this gospel, we have 
nothing. It is impossible to have New Testament Christianity without 
it. What did Wesley and Finney preach? -They preached 'apostolic'
truths under the anointing and authority of God. If you listen to the
Conference CD's, you will hear the message called "Walking in 
'ROMANS 8' Christianity". -This is what I am talking about. I leave 
it up to you to judge if that is truly an 'Apostolic' gospel. I believe it 
is, because I have seen the abundant fruit of it. This gospel is the 
first thing that must be restored. -Everything else will follow.

What else is to be 'restored' during a "New Testament weekend"? 
Well, there are a number of things. There is the 'True meaning of
Communion' (which the Early Church partook of every day), and
the 'True meaning of baptism' (-which is why a number of people
at the Conference got baptized in the hotel pool - because this 
suddenly became clear to them). Also, the whole issue of the way 
our MONEY is supposed to be used is a huge one (-this is David 
Kirkwood's speciality). 'Body ministry' is also a vital ingredient. As 
the Bible states, "When you come together brothers, every one of 
you has a spiritual song, a teaching, a prophecy, a tongue or an 
interpretation. Let all things be done for edification" (1 Cor 14:26).

That is why the 'open mic' times at the Conference were some of
the most important and precious times. -This was particularly true
of the Sunday prayer meeting - where you could sense the Holy
Spirit hovering in the room. That was the best meeting of the whole
weekend, to me.

It has been very difficult to capture all of this on the Conference
CD's. -All I have is tapes of the preaching, and that does not truly 
capture all that God was doing. It was the whole ATMOSPHERE 
and the way things came together, that was so unique. It was a 
combination of EVERYTHING. That is why you really had to be 
there to get a true sense of it. -But at least the preaching gives you a taste.

As leaders, I believe we will do a better job of the whole 'Restoration'
side of things in future, because in the first one we were "winging it"
the whole time. We were learning as we went! It is only in hindsight 
that I now realize what God was doing that weekend - and what our 
part is supposed to be in future. Having said that, we always need 
to ensure that we make a lot of room for the Holy Spirit to move.
Without His leading and anointing we are nothing.

Let me summarize, then. When the New Testament GOSPEL is
restored (including New Testament BAPTISM) plus New Testament 
all under the ANOINTING of the Holy Spirit - these are enough to 
see a great breakthrough in just one weekend. For these are all 
basic ingredients of New Testament Christianity. Of course, there
are many other aspects of lost NT Christianity that we long to see 
restored as well. Things like genuine love, Spirit-fired prayer, 
proper leadership structures, an end to hyped-up 'performance' and 
watered-down teaching, outreach, missions, house fellowships, 
and so on. Some of these things it is impossible to cover in just 
one weekend. But I have seen that if we concentrate on certain 
"breakthrough" areas, then we can truly see lives changed. It has 
to be more than just 'talk'. -It has to be an 'experience' in God.

This is why our first Conference was so special. And it is clearly 
these 'breakthrough' things that we need to focus on, in all our 
Conferences around the country. I am totally convinced that God 
really does want a return to full NT Christianity - starting with the 
"heart issues" first.

So if there is a Conference not far from you, please try and make 
it, my friends. Do not judge from afar. Come and see for yourself. 
And PLEASE PRAY that God will move powerfully in each one. 
Your prayers make a huge difference. (We aim to hold these in 
12 separate regions across America this year. -For upcoming 
ones, see - http://www.revivalschool.com ).

God bless you all!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.