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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 10:31:41 -0500
NOTE:  We would greatly appreciate your prayers for MINNESOTA
this weekend, my friends.

Book for *ANY* Donation - even just $1.50 POSTAGE MONEY:

"The GREAT GOSPEL DECEPTION" by David Kirkwood.

Dear friends,

As you know, God has strongly led us to make our conferences 
free-entry, and to make any books or CD's available for "ANY 
DONATION" or even just the cost of postage (-which is only $1.50 
within the USA). And this book is no exception.

My good friend David Kirkwood wants to get this book out, and has 
offered it to us for cost price - to help support our ministry. We are
very grateful for this. So now we can offer it to YOU for "any donation".

'The GREAT GOSPEL DECEPTION' is a very impacting and
challenging book. Many times in recent months, people have told 
me how it changed them or others that they know. It is aimed at
correcting a lot of the "junk" that we in the Western church have
allowed to invade our belief systems and our gospel. The book
is sub-titled, "Exposing the False Promise of Heaven without Holiness."

It is much larger than the books we normally send out (270 pages), 
so the "postage" amount is a little bit more - especially to other countries. 

If you would like this book, then please pray about what donation
to send. If you can only afford to cover the 'postage' then that 
is fine. -We will be happy to get this book to you for that. But 
if you can afford to send a 'donation' then that would be great.
-Whatever God leads you to send is fine.

For America the postage amount is just $1.50. However, if you are 
way down in New Zealand or Australia the postage amount is 
NZ $8.50. (Sorry - there is nothing we can do).

You can send a personal check, or a Money Order - or even cash
if you want to. -Even foreign cheques are OK. Please make any
checks out to "Andrew Strom ministries".

WHAT TO DO to get this book:

First, simply REPLY to this email, so that we know how many 
people are wanting it.

Second, simply send your donation to the following address:

Andrew Strom,
PO Box 9852,
Kansas City,
MO 64134,

-[Make checks out to "Andrew Strom ministries". Also, please 
remember to include your ADDRESS. And we will get this book 
off to you ASAP].

I look forward to hearing back from you if you want David's book,
my friends.

God bless you all!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.