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From: "ANZAC Revival List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 16:09:01 -0500
NOTE:  By the end of this week, you will notice that no longer
will our messages say they are from 'ANZAC' - but rather from 
'REVIVAL List'. Nothing else about the List is changing.

"Please PRAY??"
-Andrew Strom.

My friends, we were about to launch a 24-hour Prayer Room
as the Main Room in our 'Chat' - but our whole Chat system
has been taken down by an "attack". There are people out
there who know how to mount an attack on a Chat system so
that the whole thing is taken down. They have done this to us 
twice already, and this time the Chat had only been up again 
for less than a day. We are going to have to find a more secure
system - because I am convinced that God wants us to launch
24-hour Prayer on our web-site. And this is the best way.

[PLEASE NOTE:  Our 'Forum' and the rest of the new site is 
working fine, and many people are posting interesting responses, 
comments and articles on there. -It is just the Chat that has mostly 
been targeted. Our site is at-  http://www.revivalschool.com ]. 

So PLEASE PRAY for the 24-Hour Prayer, the Chat, and the
web-site generally, my friends? Please pray that the attacks will
cease?  Below is a testimony about how God has already used 
this Chat-room for prayer and worship in a powerful way. This is 
the kind of testimony that makes me more determined than ever
to see 24-Hour Prayer launched on there:

GREG TOMLINSON (-one of our Moderators) writes:

"The presence of God is awesome. When visiting the revivalschool.com
chatroom, the presence of God showed up.  It was last Thursday 
when I entered and there were about 14 of us on.  We were going 
back and forth about the John the Baptist conferences.  We wanted 
to know who had gone and how the Lord showed up.  No one could 
accurately explain how God showed up in the conferences since 
there are no words when His presence manifests.  We are limited to 
words like "awesome" and "powerful" but these fall so far short of 
describing our King and His glory!  But God knew our desire... 

We started to discuss God's holiness and majesty in looking at a 
Scripture in Zephaniah about the remnant.  All of a sudden, worship 
hit the room. We all started worshipping God for who He is.  Nobody 
asking for anything, nobody trying to peddle their own flesh, just 
worship towards our Creator in heaven.  As the worship was going 
up, God's presence was felt coming down. I had to stop and ask, 
"Does anyone feel God's Shekinah glory"? And everyone replied in 
the affirmative.  When a new person came into the room, they were 
gently warned that God's presence is manifesting and they are to 
take off their sandals, for the room they have just entered is holy.  
The Holy Place--that's where I was.  Face to face with my Creator,
my Father.  He overshadowed all of us for quite some time.  Those 
that entered the room with needs, as one did who needed prayer, 
we presented before God's throne and immediately they were made well.  

Imagine our King Jesus using modern technology to manifest His 
awesome power!  He promised that where two or more are gathered, 
there He will be in our midst.  I felt so intertwined with the saints that
were in the room at that time.  We were one in spirit for we were truly 
joined to our Lord. He promises to show Himself strong on our behalf 
when His remnant comes together in worship!  Come and join us in 
the spirit of true worship as God continues to manifest His glory in 
true revival!  Remember when you enter, to enter in worship and with

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for the 'John the Baptist'
Conference in Galveston this weekend also, my friends. But please
keep our ministry in your prayers generally at this time? We are
tremendously grateful for your prayers and support.

God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.