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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 18:45:15 -0500

Dear Andrew,
This correspondence is a long time in coming. While we have never 
met, I would like to thank you for sharing your correspondence last 
fall regarding the prophetic movement.  At the time I was a co-
leader (locally) and received the correspondence as a forward from 
the international prophetic minister with whom I co-led.  As I read 
through it, (it did not only include your initial communication but it 
also included various e-mails and comments from a couple of 
'prophetic ministers' mentioned in both your original e-mail as well 
as your latter naming names), I felt that I had no choice but to 
come forward, as much of what you shared of your concerns with 
the prophetic movement I, too, was carrying (note: I was not at the 
Kansas City Conference).  In fact I had shared only the day prior a 
couple of the items. As well, I had been given a dream about the
prophetic which I had shared.  Needless to say, it was necessary 
to come forward with what was heavy on my spirit regarding the 
prophetic movement (very similarly to you), as well as to lay down 
my position, which the Lord had been telling me to do for over a 
year anyway.  Without your coming forward as you did it is unlikely 
that I would have come forward as I did with what I was carrying.

I have received a number of insights both prior to and since that 
time... In particular the "Dream - Pure & Impure Water"  - [which] 
I had two nights prior to receiving the correspondence on leaving 
the prophetic movement. 

On Wednesday, November 3, 2004 I had the following dream: 

A young child approached me with a small, transparent cup that 
looked somewhat worn and used.  The cup had a small amount of 
water in it with a tiny ice chip.  The child asked me if I wanted 
some of it.  I looked at the cup and thought that it appeared to have 
been used before, so I had some hesitancy about drinking from 
something that someone else had possibly drank from; I also 
thought it was kind of a funny little container but felt that it was 
important to this child to take a sip from the cup.  You could tell, 
just by looking at the cup itself, that not many would be willing 
to drink from it.  I responded, "Sure, I'll drink from your cup".  When 
I did it was the sweetest water I have ever tasted.  Unbelievable!  
I can still taste it in my mouth.

The next thing that happens is I am walking with my daughter and 
see the streets are flooded with defiled water.  I don't even know how 
or what we were walking on but somehow we were able to walk along 
and just look at the water around us without getting wet or being 
touched by it.  The water was flooding the streets and it was filled 
with sewage and dogs that were drowning in it and yet they were 
seemingly unaware they were dying in it - they were not attempting, 
or struggling, to get out.  My attention was drawn by a splashing 
sound and I looked further down the street and saw a houseboat 
which appeared to have been ripped off it's moorings in the flood; 
the ramp was floating out extended.  I heard more splashing coming 
from near the front of the houseboat, then a man popped his head 
out of the water.  He was very upset and was spitting sewage out 
of his mouth, swearing and angry that it was in the water.  His son 
ran from the back of the houseboat and asked the dad why he had 
jumped into the water cause it was so dirty - it was apparent the 
dad had just wanted to go for a swim and didn't recognize the 
state of the water prior to jumping in.  The streets were being 
flooded with this filthy water and no one seemed aware of it.  There 
was a false sense of peace and of calm.  Even the flood waters 
were not 'raging' - they looked peaceful but they were everywhere.  

I kept walking and found myself, with my daughter, on a street 
overlooking a valley with houses beneath it - the street was 
surrounded by a white fence with a gate.  The waters were rising, 
I knew they were going to come and flood the whole of the valley 
below.  I saw a house which I thought I recognized as one we had 
stayed in temporarily when we were moving houses - I asked my 
daughter to go check it out and make sure that my husband was 
not still in it.  She did - he was not there - I knew he was safe.  
I was told to go to the higher ground and there we would find 
clean water.  Before I left that spot, I adjusted and turned two of the 
railings as though it was necessary to do this.  It did not make any 
sense to me while I watched myself do this in the dream, after all it 
was not as if this adjustment would be able to ward off any flood waters.  

When I arrived at the higher ground where I had been told I would 
find clean water I found a rackety old kind of country store - the type 
that would carry everything in it. When I saw it I was concerned 
that with the size of the store (it was small) there may not be any 
water left because the demand for it would be high in this crisis... 

I picked up a small bottle considering I had little money and I 
realized that because there was no other clean water around it 
would be very expenseive.  However, when I went to pay, I could 
hardly believe the cost, it was so low - an unbelievable price. Since 
the price was so low I put the little bottle back and found the 
biggest bottle I could find because we were going to need it with 
the water situation; I was even able to purchase a small food item 
(like an energy bar) for my daughter.  Then out of nowhere the 
same child from the beginning of the dream, who had given me this 
wonderful water, walks by.  I was so happy to see the child because 
I then realized this was where the water in the cup had come from.  
I was delighted in the dream, that the cost was little for this unbe-
lievable sweet, yet pure water and could hardly believe that no one 
seemed to be buying it.  The water was being GIVEN away for next 
to nothing in the midst of a major water crisis where there was no 
PURE WATER available anywhere except in this one location.

Interpretation of Dream:  

  For many days I pondered this dream, following is the interpretation 
which I received. 

The dream represents a lot of the revelation and teaching which is 
around us today. There is a very small portion of pure teaching and 
revelation available today - it is recognized by it's taste. The word 
says, "Taste and see that the Lord is good.". Very few are willing 
to try it - they are often turned off by the outside appearance of the 

We are being flooded with unclean teaching and revelation, not 
bringing the clear, sweet truth of the Lord.  There is so much of this 
uncleanness around that we are being flooded with it and people are 
unaware of what they are jumping into or swimming in until they find 
it in their own mouths and our homes are floating in it.  The area with 
the valley and homes below with the white fences shows this can 
flood the whole of a valley, a whole land and a whole region; it can 
come in at any level.  The water was already higher than the valley 
in places but it was about to spill over.  The adjustment of the two 
railings represents: 1) A refocusing on the Lord  2) A turning to truth.

We need to get to the higher ground and the presence of the Lord 
to receive the purity of His revelation.  Many find themselves at the 
right place and yet some become distracted with other things, 
representing the dry goods and merchandise.  Others are content 
to consume a substitute liquid (representing the coffee).  However 
those that seek the pure water will find that it leaves a sweet taste 
in our mouths - "your word O Lord is like honey to my mouth".  It 
will not leave the bitter after taste that coffee does.  You will have 
to be willing to give something up in order to have this water but 
the cost is little in comparison to the cost of the coffee.  Coffee 
may give you a temporary boost but it is a bitter drink.  In order to 
be more palatable, it generally has additives and it's affect does not 
last long.  False revelation may also give you a temporary boost but 
it is a very bitter drink, mixed with truth to make it palatable and it's 
affect does not last for long either but it has addictive qualities that 
keep drawing you back for more.

The location of the pure water on the higher ground represents the 
mountain and the presence of the Lord.  The fact that the building is 
small and non-descript represents a place of humility; it is not there for
"show", therefore making it harder to find.  

  Seek truth. Do not be tossed about by every wave of teaching. Do 
not judge by outward appearances or pretensions. Do not be willing 
to settle for trinkets and dryness rather seek purity and life. Do not be 
deceived by falsehoods that are masked in the truth. If you are given 
something that leaves a 'bad taste' in your mouth, spit it out! Don't 
go back for more. Rather, seek truth. It will be found in places of 
obscurity. Just as Jesus had nothing about him that would attract 
us to him you will find the truth and purity of God in the secret 
places with Him. Blessings of truth! 

-Deborah <admin@...>

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