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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 20:46:03 -0500
MODERATOR:  Some people may be bothered by all the references
to a "Youth Revival" lately. Well, if you are "young at heart" it 
should not bother you at all. Any move amongst youth will need
a great many "Mothers and Fathers" - or it will derail within weeks.
So are you ready to be a Mother or Father to such a movement? 
-They will surely need you. But be aware - this will require that you 
be just as RADICAL as the Youth themselves! There will also need 
to be many who simply support with prayer and resources. And 
lest anyone sneer at this, take note that David commanded that 
those who stayed behind to "guard the baggage" were to be given 
an 'EQUAL REWARD' as those who went out to fight! We all have
an essential part to play.  -God bless you all.  -Andrew Strom.
-by 'KingdomWarrior'.

Wrote this June 2, 2003:

I haven't thought about this vision for a while now, but tonight the 
Lord brought it back to memory.

In the summer of 99 I was seeking the Lord on direction for youth 
ministry - I have long wanted to do outreach and train young 
believers to be strong evangelists in their schools and neighbor-
hoods. I was lying in bed that afternoon when the Lord showed me this.

I saw a group of young people, probably age 15 to 25. They seemed 
to be walking the same direction, but they were very unorganized. 
Some looked homeless, some had scars from drug use and self-
abuse. Some were wearing gang colors and some were "preppies". 
They had blank stares and a look of death upon them.

I saw someone running in their midst and started to call out to them. 
This person was like all of the other youth, yet he had life in him (I 
don't know if it was a man or a woman, so I chose male to describe 
the person). He was calling them out by name and telling them 
about a new life.

Then I saw others join him in preaching to these youth. One by one, 
they began to receive the Life of God. I then heard a trumpet, like a 
call to battle, these youth formed a marching line. Some did not 
know what they were fighting for, but they joined anyway (they were 
convinced by their friends).

As they all started to march, a storm came. A strong wind began 
to blow and a driving rain. Some embraced it with open arms, yet 
some cowered down, begging for it to stop. These were the ones 
that joined because of persuasion. Soon, they found that the wind 
and the rain didn't hurt them and they began to find life in the storm.

As this army marched in the rain and wind, they found that their 
old clothes were torn off and they were washed in the rain. As the 
sun came out again, I saw that they had on new clothes - white and clean.

These youth never broke the line. They marched and cried out to all 
they met to join them. As each joined, shouts of praise would go 
forth and the earth would shake. More and more joined their ranks 
as they sang praises.
The Lord then spoke that there is a new breed of warrior that is to 
come and is now being prepared on this earth. Many of them are in 
the caves hidden away because the enemy seeks to kill them. 
(Many are like Saul, persecuting the believers and seeking to destroy 
those with the heart of David). But a time will come - and I believe 
that we are entering that day now - where the David's will come forth 
with their bands of warriors and will change the landscape of the
church. These Saul's will be turned into Paul's, who will take the 
Gospel to every nation and every tongue.

These warriors will be united with a common goal and under a 
common banner - and that is the Blood of Jesus and the Glory of 
His Name. Names will not matter, titles will not matter, denomin-
ations will not matter to these warriors. Only the name of Jesus 
will matter to them.

As I am typing this - I am hearing the name Josiah. He was Israel's 
youngest King - 8 years old when he began to reign. His name 
means "Whom Jehovah Heals". His mother was Jedidah (Beloved) 
and the grandson of Adaiah (Jehovah has adorned).

This is indicative of this generation - they have been wounded so 
many times by the church, beat and abused by those that have 
sworn to love and protect them. Many have been rejected even in 
the womb. Yet God is calling them Josiah's - the ones whom He 
has healed. They are the sons and daughters (spiritual) of the  
Beloved. They will be given the "Covenant Blessings" by those that 
have been "adorned" (anointed) by God.

When they receive that upon their lives, they will receive the anoint-
ing of the Kings and will walk in the authority of God to tear down 
the kingdom of darkness (2 Kings 23:3-20, 24-25). The last verse - 
"25 - And like unto him was there no king before him, that turned 
to the LORD with all his heart, and with all his soul, and with all 
his might, according to all the law of Moses; neither after him arose 
there any like him."

This will be the epithet of this generation of warriors - There was no 
other generation, before or after, who turned to God with all their 
heart, with all their soul, and with all their might!