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Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 13:58:16 -0500
NOTE:  Randy Benham wrote the article on "WALKING IN
AUTHORITY" that we published recently.

-by Randy Benham.

I love to return to Third World Nations and preach the Gospel in
Word and demonstration; it refreshes and stirs my spirit immensely!
It always amazes me to see these simple people open up to the
Word of God, they hear it, they accept it, and they walk in it as if
through the eyes of a child.

When these simple people of God tucked away in the far corners
of this Earth hear the word of God and experience His mighty
presence through their own healing and miracles or witnessing it in
others, they take it as truth.  There are no arguments, there are no
theologians debating whether healing is for today, to them it is
finished just as the Word says.   So it is sad to say that not only
do we live in a Nation that is dying morally but it is also dying
spiritually.  On many occasions while in Thailand, China, and Israel,
a brother or sister comes up to me and tells me that they are
always praying for America and someday would love to come to our
country and minister to us!  How ironic, what does that say for the
Nation formed and built on God’s principles?  We are also the
largest Nation sending missionaries abroad to teach them, and now
they want to come teach us.

I agree with Brother Andrew that it is time to mobilize God’s army
into ACTION.  It’s time to get real!  It’s time to take the Gospel
back to the streets!  It’s time to get off the pew and give out what
God has poured into each and every believing Christian. There is a
dying Nation that needs to see that the Kingdom of God is still at
hand!   When bold believers stand up for the truth and ACT on the
truth, God will move in unbelievable ways, I have witnessed it with
my own eyes.  3 years ago when God started revealing these truths
to me I asked Him how do we go about ripping the veil off of your
children.  He said, you just share the truth in Word and by acting on
it, and my Sword will be sharper than any other time since the
beginning of creation.

The Apostle Paul declared in 1 Corinthians 2:4, “And my speech
and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom,
but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:"

We have seen this scripture come to life as our team ministers in
Northern Thailand.   While working with the local pastors of the
areas we have ministered in, they have told us that they have seen
a major change in the believers and their excitement for
Evangelizing in their country.  The pastors have shared that in the
previous years missionaries from various parts of the world would
come and spend time with these same people.  But they said that
after the missionaries left the Thai Tribal people would always sink
back into their old way of life and lose interest in sharing the
Word with others.  The pastors then shared with us that after our
first short term mission was over and we returned home, they
noticed that the same Tribal people were filled with life, excitement
and boldness to go out amongst their people and Evangelize.
Why?  Because God told us to go and not only share the word, but
to also allow Him to work through us to demonstrate His power and
that He still operates today, and that He is always willing to heal
the sick and diseased of today just as He did 2000 years ago.
These people for the first time in their lives witnessed with their own
eyes the power and love of God for all people in every corner of the world.

When God’s healing hand started raising the lame and opening blind
eyes right in front of these hardened Buddhists, not only were the
villagers coming to Christ, but we also got the village witchdoctor
healed and they also gave their lives to Christ, Praise God!  But
here is the cool thing!  After our team returned home, they, the
new believers had a “Fire” ignited in their spirit that will not go out
and after our 4th trip back to the area the fire is growing even larger
and the Northern Tribal people are continuing the work of God with
zeal and compassion for their Nation.

God is not a respecter of persons!  So I know God will touch our
nation in the same way as the Asian nations.  All we need is an
army of laborers that are Available, that are Bold and that are
Compassionate for peoples’ souls.  We have the same oppressed,
poverty-stricken people in our country, and we have people in our
cities that have never been introduced to our loving God in a one-to-
one atmosphere, so we need to start taking it to them.

I can feel in my spirit that God is raising up an army that the gates
of hell cannot prevail against.  Let me share with you a vision that
God gave me while I was ministering in Israel last November, and
not until just recently the final piece fell into place and it made
perfect sense of what God is about to do.  I do not receive a lot of
visions, but when I do I take them seriously and pray over them
until my Lord reveals them to me.  So I ask the same of you, to
read this and pray over it and see if it bears witness with your spirit.

In the vision I saw an army of young people lined up row after row
in ranks marching straight ahead through the desert.  They had no
expression on their faces and only marched forward.  Flying around
them were thousands of locusts.  And behind the ranks of marching
youth was an army of chariots.

I spent the next couple of days praying over this vision, because I
knew that it was from God and I asked for an answer to what I saw.....

God graciously showed me what the vision was about, and in my
heart I believe He is telling us what is to come.  I can now see with
my own eyes that God is raising up this army as we speak.  An
army that will consist of anyone that has the eyes to see, and ears
to hear the truth.  An army that will not be afraid to share the truth
no matter where that may be, and an army that will come together
as one for the edifying of the body.  And this mighty army will be a
part of restoring what the Locusts have eaten.

I can also sense in my spirit that the waiting is over, the Harvest is
ripe and it is time to GO OUT and reap.  Through Christ we have all
that is necessary to begin reaping.  And we have the name of Jesus
to back us up.  It doesn’t matter if it is Thailand, China, or Israel.
That name alone will do plenty of damage to the devil right here in
our own back yard.