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NOTE:  Shawn Boltz seems to be one of the few leaders in the 
Prophetic movement today who is willing to tackle these tough 
issues head-on. Here is another insightful article by him:

"Scales of Heaven Will Be Established In The Prophetic Movement"
-by Shawn Boltz.  (Jul 29, 2005).

I had a vision of two large scales of justice and they were weighing 
prophetic people against truth. Many people were not weighty 
enough to measure rightly, and the Lord had to add Himself to their 
side of the scale so that they weighed rightly against truth. If they 
did not receive His measure then they would fail greatly in one area 
or another that would disqualify them for a season. God's desire is 
not to discount people hungry to grow in revelation, but to establish 
them in truth. 

The Re-release of a Credible Voice in the Land 

There is a maturing process affecting the whole corporate movement 
of those who would speak in the name of the Lord. Just like when 
a teenager becomes a young man he is no longer allowed a level 
of childish behavior by society; the society of this world is 
demanding a level of maturity from the body of Christ because there 
has never been a time that people need to hear the word of the 
Lord more than now. 

The world is longing for credible voices to release prophecy that 
help set the context of faith for our generation to believe what the 
Lord is doing. The word of the Lord for encouragement and comfort 
may not be rare in some churches and a few movements, but 
warnings and true discernment are not as present. When they are, 
they are so generic that it's hard to decipher if we need to even 
pay attention to them; not to mention the fact that the word of the 
Lord is virtually unheard in every aspect of society outside of 
religious ministry. Where is the voice that brings order to the 
political arena? Where is the Spirit of Revelation for those in the 
entertainment industry? Where is the prophetic word for businesses 
and industries? 

The world is waiting to hear what God would say, but the Lord is 
going to have to bring a growth spurt for those who would listen, 
because right now eyes that see with Heaven's agenda are rare. 

The World Needs Trackable Words That Hold Real Information 

If you are a pastor, prophet, apostle, or a leader over people who 
are stewarding prophetic words, learn to develop a track record for 
them now . . . it will be the difference between life and death for 
that prophetic voice. One of the greatest weaknesses to growth in 
the prophetic movement is the lack of tracking specific information 
given in prophetic declarations, which means there can not be a 
learning process or repentance for mistakes. There also isn't the 
benefit of establishing credibility for success. Most of what we 
honor is reputation that is not based on accuracy or kingdom 
impact, but on charismatic personalities and fame. 

I know there are many well known credible prophetic ministries out 
there, but God wants a multiplication of these. He wants fathers 
and mothers to nurture the real thing. 

Serving Mike Bickle in Kansas City for many years has been so 
beneficial for me, because he only likes the real thing and he has 
an ear for it. After observing me giving dates and time frames in 
prophetic words he asked me, "How often are you accurate?" 

"I think I am mostly accurate," was my pitiful reply. Mike looked at 
me and put forth a challenge. "I want you to track every date you 
give for the next year, whether individually or corporately. Take 
record of it and go back and ask whoever you need to if it happened." 

I took his advice and, after tracking for about two years of revelation, 
I realized that I had not only been wrong a few times, but the way I 
was operating before I began to track my words left people with the 
responsibility for my wrong words. Meaning, if I give a word to you 
and it doesn't happen and I have a credible reputation, you will 
probably not blame me for the word being wrong. You will either 
blame God or, most likely, yourself. 

The prophetic ministries need to take false responsibility off of the 
people they minister to. When someone is at the beginning ten 
years of their prophetic ministry, it is their responsibility to track 
prophetic words as those receiving the revelation. If we give a 
corporate word about something that is going to happen and it 
does not, we must take it on as our responsibility to apologize or 
even, in some cases, repent. 

As we begin to create a system of tracking in the prophetic, we 
are going to be able to measure together an accuracy that will go 
well beyond what we are seeing now. Not because the words are 
higher, but a whole corporate people can be moved into a realm of 
faith that is much higher because of their trust for those prophesying. 

How Do We Let the Lord Measure? 

Why are we giving platforms for people to address the prophetic 
issues who have no prophetic experience that is weighed and 
measured? We need to reserve what we stand behind for those we 
trust. This trust can not be given because of personalities and great 
use of puns and riddles called prophecies. I am not being critical but 

If I claimed to have a healing ministry but could not show you 
anyone who was healed through my ministry, how would I be 
trusted to be brought into a healing crusade when people who will 
come will be so desperate for the heart of God to come? If you see 
prophetic ministries in your midst giving revelation without 
established trust for the proof of their words, then there needs to 
be a weighing process. 

How do we weigh each other in prophetic ministry? 

1) By character and purity 
2) Personal integrity 
3) Tracking the verifiable revelations given 
4) Relationship responsibility 

Contrary to popular belief, the prophetic ministry is a relational 
ministry. Words we get are given in relationship to the Spirit of God 
who is the Spirit of friendship. If words are given that are inaccurate, 
it will break down relationship with that person, group, or even 
region of the earth. This means that for every prophetic person who 
uses the excuse of rejection to hide behind so they don't have to 
have real accountable friendships, they are handicapping the 
fruitfulness of their ministry. Also, this means that to restore 
relationship there has to be a rebuilding. That rebuilding might be 
as easy as an apology, but it has to be taken on. 

If there is going to be a great maturing then there is going to have 
to be a kingdom process of building. Too many people are not 
listening to revelation in our generation for lack of credible voices. 
There is a cry in hearts that is calling for the real God. The land is 
crying out to hear God, to see what He says about terrorism, 
about natural events, about politics, about finances, about families 
in crises, about disasters and calamities, about wars, about love. 

A Cloud of Confusion 

God has been allowing a cloud of confusion over some ministries 
who will not allow a weighing process to revelation or who are falling 
short but not taking on the anointing of His nature in a sincere way. 
This is a prophetic statement. Many who have not been 
prophesying with a right measure have been allowed by Heaven to 
be in confusion and their words have caused the same. If I 
prophesy about California saying earthquakes will come one day 
because of the great sin, with no specific hope given or 
understanding imparted, all that I am doing is creating a context for 
shame and fear. Let me tell you one story: 

One church I was at in Florida had received a word that Florida was 
going to receive an earthquake that would destroy middle Florida 
(where they were). It had no date and no reason why, but came 
from what they thought to be a credible voice. Why would God 
speak such a word of judgment or even warning without the voice 
of Heaven's love and hope setting hearts ablaze with the truth of His 
purpose for the earthquake? God speaks so that we have a greater 
ability to build His love on earth, not so that we have secret 
information for self protection. 

When I asked them to ask the prophetic ministry how many words 
he had received that were accurate over natural disasters, he 
replied, "None." He had prophesied over ministries with accuracy 
and used that same authority to prophesy in this area of natural 
disasters but, in fact, he had no authority in this new area for himself. 

Part of the confusion that many are walking in comes from not 
understanding spheres of authority that God has called them to. 
This is especially true with intercessory prophets. Many of the 
prophetic voices who have been prophesying to the body have been 
actually setting a context to pray by sharing possibilities of what 
might be. This is totally needed, but when it's not understood for 
what it is then it creates confusion when the words they spoke 
don't happen. 

So You Declare a Thing So It Will Be Established 

I believe that God is about to establish the declarative ministry of 
the prophetic in such a way that, when it is spoken by someone 
who has anointing and relationship with Heaven, it will be done on 
a level that will blow the world away. There are a few ministries that 
have a declarative voice, but too few. 

I believe that warnings and discernment are about to come forth 
that, if heeded, will change the outcome of some situations in the 
earth that have been overwhelmed by demonic agenda. If we don't 
begin to prepare the wineskin of the prophetic to sustain credible 
revelation then how will we hear these messages in the days to come? 

Its time for the voice of Heaven to be heard! 


So, we have diagnosed some issues and also pointed to the Lord 
establishing His own nature within us so that we can weigh rightly. 
God wants to train and mobilize us in a more mature way in 
revelation and the prophetic gifts. As we continue to explore this 
maturing process, I pray that the grace of God will be with you for 
both the maturing process and the mistakes that we will make to 
get there. May He, the Spirit of Revelation, increase in you! 

~Shawn Bolz.