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Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 22:58:55 -0500
YOUTH AFLAME in Minnesota
-Andrew Strom.

I just spent the last week or so in Minnesota, ministering mainly
amongst Christian youth and also some leaders - on the subject 
of 'Street Revival'.  A number of young people were baptized and 
filled with the Holy Spirit - and others were fired up to hit the 
streets. You can feel the excitement building in that place for 
what God is about to do.

But what blessed me most was a phonecall that I received today.
I was told that a couple of the young men had brought a homeless 
person to one of the meetings, and continued to minister to him
afterwards. Apparently, not only did he REPENT the next day, but 
these young men then went and BAPTIZED him themselves and 
also saw him FILLED with the SPIRIT! 

I had actually taught that "anyone can baptize" - but I had no idea 
that they had grasped it so well!  Friends, can you imagine what 
it will be like when we have a 'Youth Army' hitting the streets, with 
a gospel of REPENTANCE - baptizing people in the rivers and 
fountains, laying hands and praying for them to receive the Holy 
Spirit, healing the sick, casting out demons - all in the streets and 
Housing Projects of our darkest cities? Can you imagine an army
of teenagers doing that? -I tell you, it is already beginning. -And it 
is not just the 'Youth', either. There are many ages involved in this
thing. But the youth is the critical age-group. That is where the fire 
really is going to be lit. And that is also what most of the street-
teams will be made up of.

The fact is, if we challenge the youth to give themselves to a cause 
worth dying for, then there is no need to ENTERTAIN or "tickle their 
ears" to get them involved. They WANT to be challenged. But they 
do not find today's lukewarm Christianity terribly inspiring or 
'death-defying'. We are so mediocre today that we hardly offer them 
any challenge at all. And that has got to change. If going to the
gangs and the "dark places" is God's mission for us in this hour,
then bring it on. It is what the youth have been waiting for. Enough
of this safe and insipid 4-wall churchianity!

Things are moving so fast in Central Minnesota that we have felt 
led to hold a Training & Street-Outreach weekend at a camp up 
there in just a few weeks. This will be totally PRACTICAL - with 
two street-outreaches in the worst neighborhoods of Minneapolis 
as part of it. (-They have shootings and gangs in MN - same as
everywhere else). The youth will be taught how to make anointed 
Hip-Hop music on the streets, how to preach Repentance, how to 
set up a sound-system, how to feed the poor, how to baptize, how
to pray for people, etc. -And then they will be let loose in a "real"
environment to actually do it. The whole idea is that it will never
stop after that. -It will keep going.

All of this will be compressed into Labor weekend, which is Sept
2nd to Sept 5th. Even though it is such short notice, we will 
probably open this camp up to people on this List as well, if
you are interested. I will publish an official announcement early 
next week with further details.

But please be PRAYING for all of this in the meantime, my friends - 
and for the speedy raising up of a YOUTH ARMY to bring in the 
harvest in these desperate days. The time is indeed short.

Your prayers are so needed.

God bless you all!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.