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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 20:39:38 -0500
NOTE:  A fiery piece from one of the young people that came to 
our first Minnesota meeting but couldn't make the second one.
-Had a powerful time elsewhere!


Tues. I heard from some friends of mine, that they recently 
went to their pastor, and they stepped down from the 'Worship 
team ', because things were not good/God. So, the Pastor planned 
a once a month night, for the youth to lead worship and minister 
to the adults.  Well, the youth said the leadership kept getting 
involved/ controlling it, and leading, and the youth addressed it 
again. So the pastors said this Wed we'll let you have it. Really, really.
So, I'm home Wed. night, kinda  bummed I was not up at the MN 
meeting with all of you, and my friends asked me to come over  
to this meeting at this one church building in our area, to support 
this kind of thing that the pastors were allowing.
I thought, "Well, the last place I want to go tonight is to a Wed. 
night church service, but I'll go to support these guys".  So when I 
come in the door, the pastor comes up to me and said, "... If you 
have 'anything' that you want to share tonight, anything, just  
go up, say it, teach it, or anything. Be led of the Holy Spirit."

I thought,  "Thank you, but I'm not gonna get in trouble with any 
leadership here tonight. I also thought, "I don't think you would 
'really' want to hear what I would say, and you probably wouldn't 
ask if you knew."  And I went to sit down, to mind my own 
business and worship God.  I just decided that "I'm gonna shut 
my mouth, and I'm not gonna get in any trouble". 
Well, one thing led to another and before you know it, I'm hearing  
the Holy Spirit remind me of the one scripture about Paul saying  
basically that he tried to tell God's people about Jesus but they 
did not receive Him, so he said, I wash my hands of their blood.... 
from now on I go to the Gentiles. (Acts 18:6) I found out from a 
friend where that scripture was in the Bible, and before you know 
it, I march up to the front of the church. 
I must have looked militant, cause I 'just so happened' to be 
wearing my camouflage Army shirt. What a coincidence, huh.?  I 
just started preaching hard, and the look on the people's faces 
were..... 'eyes big' and 'mouths just hanging open.'
I don't even remember all I said. but basically that God has been 
speaking to His people, over and over and over and they are not 
really listening and living it. And that He's going to go out in the
streets, to the Gentiles, if we don't listen, cause they WILL listen 
to Him.  I told them we need to REPENT of our sins, our hidden 
ones and not so hidden, and we need to repent of our ways.  And 
I said that God needs EVERYONE to do their part and if God has 
told anyone of them to talk to someone about Him or to do 
anything and they haven't obeyed Him, "that the blood of  'that 
person'  is on Your head".   Gosh, they all just stared at me, with 
their mouths open, and I didn't have the mind to stop. I told them 
that America needs a revival and it is time 'now'.  I told them what 
some of the revivals of the past were like, and said if we don't take 
God seriously, we are going to miss our next revival!!! America will 
go down, America has never been without the Lord's  blessing like 
other Nations, and do we want some of what we see in other nations??
I ended it with prayer... A fire-eeeee prayer of repentance for us as 
individuals and for America. 
It was fun while it lasted, while the anointing of fire was on me, 
then I went to sit down and realized where I was, and saw the 
pastor get up. And I sat in the pew and thought, "Wow, am I in 
trouble".  I thought to myself, well if I'm in trouble for speaking the 
truth then that's ok with me.  
The pastor said, "That's a woman of fire and a woman of revival," 
then went on to preach his sermon about how the church needs 
to submit to pastors.

I'm actually a pretty quiet person, I prefer to sit in the corner and 
not say much. I'm 'not afraid' to speak the truth, but I'll usually 
wait for someone else. I know we haven't heard the end of what 
I did and what I spoke, 'cause I could tell people were not used to 
being challanged.  I'm sure this pastor will be talking, and you 
know what? I really don't care. 
I spoke the truth... in love, cause I'm concerned about The church 
and about our nation taking God so lightly. If that gets me in 
trouble with the big pastors and leaders from our area, so be it. 
I would rather be in trouble for speaking the truth, then to be silent 
and dying. (In a pew or anywhere else you choose to die 
spiritually). And if some Christians get mad, It will be sad to lose 
some long time relationships, but I'd rather be around hungry 
people -out of the church building,  or on the streets,  who really 
want to hear the truth about God, and want to really live for God.
I'm thinking we all have to be more open to the Lord, to do what He 
wants, and to speak where He wants, anytime, anywhere.  Maybe 
even in a church building. If He sees there is a door open, maybe 
He will ask us to go through it.  Maybe there's someone calling 
out to Him, in a church, and He will send us to walk through a door, 
speak the truth, then run.  That's what Jesus did.
I have ministered to the homeless in Madison, Wisconsin's Capitol.  
It was very dangerous at times and you need to use wisdom.  But 
sad to say, sometimes it's just as dangerous to speak the truth 
in 'church'.   Shootings do happen there. They just look different, 
but they wound just as damaging as a physical shooting can 
wound you. That's what happened here last week. 
I will be back up to Mn. hopefully, on Labor day weekend.