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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 13:05:24 -0500

LABOR DAY WEEKEND - Sept 2 - 5, 2005.

Please *REPLY* if you think you may attend.

This Training Camp is mainly for YOUTH (30 years and under) and 
those that work with youth - or are already involved with street 
evangelism. -This is because we are pioneering new ways of 
communicating the gospel - with Hip-hop music, etc. It is not
a "family camp" as such. We have nothing there for children.


-How to preach REPENTANCE with "Conviction of sin".
-How to pray for the sick and cast out demons.
-How to baptize people and see them filled with the Spirit.
-Giving your testimony on the streets.
-Setting up a PA system using car batteries for power.
-How to be led by the Spirit where to preach - totally MOBILE.
-Dealing with the Police.
-Using a Hip-Hop groovebox - making music on the streets.
-Feeding the poor.
-How to disciple new converts properly.

... AND so on....

(Both Saturday night and Sunday night are scheduled for actual
outreaches in some of the worst parts of Minneapolis).

CAMP LOCATION:  Chadashchay ["New Life"] Christian Center,
3623 323rd Ave NE,  Cambridge, Minnesota 55008.
(-This camp has sleeping dorms, dining and meeting rooms, etc).

TIME:  Starts at 7:00pm on Fri, Sept 2nd. -Finishes at 12:00
midday on Mon, Sept 5th  (ie. three nights).


Cost for accomodation and food = $25.00 per person. (Please
note that none of this goes to any 'ministry' - it is simply the
cost to feed and house a person at the Camp for 3 nights).

If anyone cannot afford this, or if you have several family members
attending, then please talk to Ellen Fordahl and she may reduce
the fee in these cases. Her phone- (320) 396-2404.

The $25.00 fee needs to be paid up-front if possible. -But it can
also be paid "on the day" when you arrive. Ellen Fordahl is the 
main organizer of this event. All fees are payable to her. Please
send your $25.00 to:

Ellen Fordahl,
38371 Palm St. NW,
MN 55080.        [-Or pay it on the day].

Important NOTE:

PLEASE BRING-  Sleeping bag, pillow, mattress, towel, etc.
(This is not the Hilton Hotel, though it is a nice facility that will 
certainly be fine for a 3-day camp!)

As I said, please *REPLY* to this email if you think you may
attend. (-This will help with our planning).

Any QUESTIONS - Ellen Fordahl - (320) 396-2404 -[Evenings and

We look forward to hearing back from you, my friends.

God bless you all!

Andrew Strom.