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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 18:07:35 -0500

'Brightdawn' writes:
I just read the message in my email, from the longtime intercessor 
who sensed that things were shifting. That it is the time for 
evangelization, and radical preaching of the Kingdom. For the last 
couple of weeks, that very thing has come to me time and time 
again. It is like: What did I place in you in the first place? How far 
have you gone from those things? God has been asking me these 
things. I can honestly say that I have dropped a lot of things, 
except my name badge, for a world-friendly Christianity. I wouldn't 
like to admit that before, but, once I see it, I can't say anything 
else. I think about all those lost people where I work, and yes, 
they know that I am a Christian, and they know that I say things, 
and sometimes personally, one on one. But, for the most part, I 
am two separate people there. I Know there is a SHIFT, and it is 
to those harvest fields. I know that as I line myself up with the 
Lord's will, He will guide me, and direct my path....

Julie writes:
As an intercessor myself of many years I recognise the season 
change strongly. Apart from "prophetic" words to myself through 
others to preach, I sense such a desperate need to minister to the 
lost but not just in prayer anymore --- to get out there and do it in 
the practical! At the same time, in NZ anyway, the call to the 
prayer closet is even more urgent, however. 

Denise writes:
I am an intercessor too and this word I can relate to in every word! 
God has had me lay down everything I have held dear and has 
been challenging us about going out and doing the works of God. 
We now have more people in our lives who are not Christians than 
who are and are praying for them [with them] when they are sick or 
troubled. It is a new season and God wants all that we are. It takes 
time to build relationships with people and to do that we need to 
lay aside the religious things that consume our time.