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Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 17:14:50 +1200
Subject:        David Wilkerson - July 21, 2003
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-David Wilkerson (21 July 2003).

For the last five years, I have been warning of an impending
financial disaster in America. Today, few will listen, and
even devout Christians do not want to hear what they
consider negative prophecies.

I've heard ministers preach that America is headed only for
blessings, with no judgment. They say "Where is the
financial breakdown the doomsayers speak of? It will never
happen here." They point to a believing President, to a
clean, moral White House, and to a leadership doing its best
to repeal abortion legislation.

Let me tell you what I believe is the reason God has
withheld his chastening of America up to now. We find the
clue in Genesis 18, where God was posed to rain fire on
Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham negotiated with the lord face to
face, until a promise was given that judgment would be
spared if but ten righteous people could be found "therein."
This implies that God will save Sodom from ruin if only ten
seekers, ten intercessors, could be found in that city. Ten
who shared God's grief over the wickedness of that society,
its blatant homosexuality and violence.

I believe America has been given a temporary reprieve,
because the lord has found an interceding righteous remnant
who are crying out for mercy. Those in this remnant are
repentant and they grieve with God over our national and
personal sins. In Ezekiel 22, God looked for one godly man
to "stand in the gap before me for the land, that I SHOULD
NOT DESTROY IT, but I found none" (v.30). Think about it:
Israel could have been spared destruction had the Lord found
a single man to stand in his presence and intercede for the
land. But there comes a time when the cup of iniquity
overflows, and God will no longer withhold his chastening,
no matter how many have prayed. Then we hear God say, "Thy
bruise is incurable and thy wound is grievous" (Jeremiah
30:12). "Though moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my
mind could not be toward this people" (Jeremiah 15:1).

On June 2, 2003, in major cities across the U.S., hundreds
of thousands of gays paraded in an event called Gay Pride.
Canada has just legalized gay marriages. Our own Supreme
Court has just legitimized homosexuality. And America will
soon legalize gay marriages also. We have outdone Sodom.
There is no record of Sodom aborting babies. And Sodom had
no Bible, no churches, no gospel. Yet we have sinned and
outlawed the very name of God, in the face of loving
warnings and a gospel of mercy and grace.

A few years ago, I was practically screaming out warnings
about a collapse of the Internet bubble. Now I am crying out
a warning about the real estate bubble. Soon, America will
face a fearful collapse in real estate, as bad or worse than
the real estate collapse in Japan ten years ago.

I take back none of my warnings. The storm is still on the
horizon. Right now it is being withheld for a season, to see
what is in the heart of a professing Christian President,
and in hope that the goodness and patience of God lead us to

Such preaching is costly to our ministry. Some turn us off,
while others scoff. Some stop supporting our charitable
outreaches. But those who know the Word of God, who pray,
who grieve over the condition of our land and our
churches - they believe and understand.

A closing word: Thanks to those who stay with us, who
continue to pray for us and support us with missions
gifts - to feed, clothe and house the needy, and to evangelize
multitudes around the world. Many thanks.

His bondservant,
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