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Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2005 11:05:41 -0500
-by 'PrayInTongues'.

I've been thinking. About 7 years ago our city had a Gay Parade. It 
was full of near-nudity and semi-sex acts so was very popular with 
thousands lining the streets and it was shown in full on TV. It was 
this city's greatest shame. 

I don't know that I got a specific call from God to go but I just found 
myself on many Sundays walking that exact route praying in 
tongues. I did this for one year and was discouraged to hear the 
Gay leader interviewed saying that the Parade was in good financial 
heart and wd go on forever. So I prayed through a second year, 
always in tongues. It only took about an hour on Sundays, and I 
would certainly miss many Sundays. 

Anyway, suddenly, next year, there were problems. The Gay 
leader was interviewed again and there were money problems. 
They weren't getting the financial support they needed. So at first 
they were going to re-route it through a remote part of the city, 
then even that fell through. 

I half-expected it to return, but it never has. That was about 6 years 
ago. Now it wouldn't be only me - many many Christians would 
have been praying for God to take this abomination from our city. 
But what if, just maybe.... 

If just one person praying in tongues while walking the route Sunday 
by Sunday can close down a Gay Parade in a city of more than a 
million people, then why not EVERY city that has a Gay Parade? 
Why not New Orleans? What if all the Christians of New Orleans 
walked the route every Sunday praying and (why not) weeping 
before God...what wouldn't God do? 

And (and this is the sobering thought for me) what may I have 
saved my city, my nation from? We are right on the sea. For 
decades I have had dreams and visions of enormous storm-surges 
smashing up and over the city. One was so real that I woke up 
amazed that my wall hadn't been smashed in and there wasn't 
water flooding my room. I now think that this was God letting me 
know that this was what Satan intended for my city.... oh, the 
power of praying in tongues! Oh the importance of the calling to 
Intercession! Oh, the power of even a sinful, nothing person praying 
with words supplied by the Holy Spirit of Almighty God!!

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