[anzac] It was RADICAL in MINNESOTA!!

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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2005 16:46:02 -0500
-Andrew Strom.

Groups from a number of different states joined us for a truly
RADICAL few days in Minnesota this past weekend. We had
people there from Southern California, Wisconsin, Oregon,
Missouri and of course Minnesota itself.

Can you imagine a Youth Army that goes forth preaching a
John-the-Baptist type 'Repentance' message, praying for the
sick (-actually "commanding" them to be healed), Baptizing
new converts in the rivers, and so on? Can you imagine them
taking the streets and the campuses by storm for Jesus?

We actually had two baptisms this weekend, and both of
them were performed by young people who had never baptized
anyone before. (-They had never been told they were "allowed").

Can you picture what will happen if we actually RELEASE the
Youth to actually DO the ministry of Jesus out there in the real
world? -In the homeless shelters, the schools and colleges, the
slums, etc. Imagine what it will be like when an Army of Youth 
arises and catches fire with how EXCITING it can be to actually 
do the things that Jesus and the apostles did. It is called
"NORMAL" Christianity!!

This is exactly what the weekend was about. And we did everything
in a very PRACTICAL way - so that it was all about "DOING" -
not just "talking about it."

Randy Benham taught us how to use the AUTHORITY of JESUS
in praying for the sick and casting out demons, and we had a
practical session where this was put into practice. -And all kinds 
of things like that.

The outreach on the Sunday night was probably the highlight.
We had been praying and pondering where God was leading us
to go, assuming it would be one of the "bad" areas like we go to 
in Kansas City. But actually we ended up at a College Campus, 
and set up in a park across the street. We had worship using
guitars and the hip-hop 'groovebox' - plus some VERY powerful 
and piercing preaching from members of the group. It literally 
shook the campus. -I am not joking. The whole place was SHAKEN.
(-Many of these were FIRST TIME open-air preachers!)

A 44-year old mother on our team got up at the microphone and
gave one of the most blistering sermons I have ever heard! I have 
never heard anyone preach so LOUD - or confront sin so effectively. 
She said later that she had "no idea" she was going to say all that!
God just seemed to take over her mouth. (-This is very common
in street preaching. Be bold and open your mouth, and watch God fill it).

We later heard that the next day, our message was all that the  
students seemed to be talking about. We preached "sin, righteous-
ness and judgment", and the youth got stirred up to discuss the 
ins and outs of it all. It is a very liberal University but many of the
students are from church backgrounds. So there were all kinds of 
reactions! It was amazing the impact of a single group coming and 
preaching radical truth like that. (But bear in mind that much prayer
had also gone into this place). A lot of one-to-one witnessing also 
occurred on the day.

One of the youth that was at the camp wrote to me today: "I tell 
you that the fire that was unleashed will not be quenched, and 
already God is working among us to continue the work that was
started.... God is filling the void of the heart of the youth. The void 
isn't a void that can be filled by anything but the Gospel.... the 
Gospel came to "A---" college when the students were expecting 
another year of drudgery and emptyness... We need to hit and run. 
Tearing down the idols, and raising up Truth in their place.  If we 
are obedient and led by the Holy Spirit we should be able to do 
a great amount of damage to the devil's territory without any 
trouble whatsoever."  [END QUOTE]

Praise God! -It was a great weekend. We have another Training
weekend just like it planned for Wisconsin in early October. This
thing is starting to spread! I will let you know the details before 
too long, my friends.

God bless you all!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.