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Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 16:04:00 -0500


When I spoke to Darren Smith about the situation in the Hurricane
area, he told me that the worst region was in Mississippi - not in
New Orleans. This is because New Orleans is already getting a
lot of attention, but the Mississippi Gulf Coast is where the storm
actually landed. The devastation was so great that the first 8 city
blocks have been virtually wiped out. It was a record storm-surge
up to 50 feet high. Cities such as Pass Christian and Bay St. 
Louis are in great need of assistance - and further inland also.

This is the area that Darren's team is targeting (-in fact he is off
there again tomorrow). And it is also the region that our own
team will be heading into. It looks like we have a team of at least 
five Spirit-filled men coming down. Two of them are all the way 
from California (-one an ex-fireman).

Of course, we are taking bundles of clothing and water to give
away, but we also have access to a supply warehouses in Texas.
There is a huge trailer of clothing & more already waiting for us to 
distribute. As you can imagine, one of our greatest costs will be fuel.

If anyone wants to help with our expenses on this trip, please
go to the below website to donate.  (NOTE: I will also give you the
Website to donate to Darren Smith's ministry again - because he
is likely to be involved there for MONTHS, not just weeks as
we are). I truly believe that God wants as many of us as possible 
down there ministering at this time - especially in Mississippi.

To Donate to Andrew Strom's team, please go to:

To Donate to Darren Smith's ministry ('StreetScape') go to:


Or you may mail your checks to Darren-
Streetscape Ministries
 P.O. Box 550
 Joaquin, TX 75954. 

We truly appreciate your support, my friends. The main email for 
this 'REVIVAL' List while I am gone (-and also to contact me) is-

We would greatly appreciate your prayers during this time.

God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.