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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 22:27:03 -0500
 - by Andrew Strom

I write this as an outsider who loves the USA. I am a New 
Zealander now living in the United States - currently involved in 
the relief effort in Mississippi. The destruction here is an eye-
opener for sure.

But something is amiss in this country - something so serious - 
that the loudest warnings from above are seemingly falling on
deaf ears. For the last 250 years, from a christian perspective,
America has been one of the greatest "Lands of Revivals" that 
there has ever been. Since 1741, America has seen more Great
Awakenings than any other nation. It wouldn't be hard to make 
the case that America is the most "Revived" nation in history.

Yet that has begun to change. America has grown rich, and has 
forgotten God. She has turned away from the very one who 
blessed her in the first place. And lately it seems like no matter 
how loudly God shouts at her to turn around, she is too 
preoccupied to listen. Things are about to get pretty rough here.

As I write this, yet another category 4 or 5 hurricane is bearing 
down on the Texas coast. If it hits the oil-refining region below
Houston, it could have a catastrophic effect. Either way, it is
difficult to see how the nation can keep absorbing these 
massive shocks. The human tragedy is indescribable.

Four years ago, God sent the first of these wake-up calls to 
this nation. All he had to do was lift his hand of protection for
an instant. After 9-11, America did get somewhat "religious" for
a season, but this has since worn off. There was no permanent
repentance. Comfort, entertainment, and materialism still rule 
the land, and God alone knows what it will take to change that.
The size of the shocks that are necessary - only He can tell.
What will it take for America to repent - to turn back to the God 
of her fathers?

9-11 didn't do it. The four hurricanes criss-crossing Florida 
last year didn't do it. And hurricane Katrina destroying the 
casinos, the oil, and the "Southern Decadence" city of New 
Orleans didn't do it either. The mayor was back there within
weeks, urging them to gear up for the next debauchery parade,
known as Mardi Gras. Throwing it in the very face of God. These 
people have learned nothing. And thus, the wake-up calls will continue. 

But what about the church? Is she blameless in all this?

I have a friend here who believes that America is about to 
become a third world country - all because she will not repent.
The process is already underway. This is but the "beginning of

Because of the new hurricane, I will likely head across to 
Texas with a load of supplies and tools on my way home this
weekend - they may need it more than Mississippi before long.

Rick Walth, a revival preacher from Iowa, is due to take over the
base here. He is an excellent brother. Meanwhile, Darren Smith of 
"Streetscape" is now coordinating efforts for BOTH disaster zones - 
the one here and the one due in Texas.

Please keep us in your prayers, my friends. By the way, we need
MORE PEOPLE to come down and help. We have an excellent 
base here, and many needy people (and there will likely be one in 
Texas also). Please phone me if you can make it down - (985) 788-9939. 

Please pray for Texas, my friends. Pray for mercy in the midst of

God bless you all,

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.