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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 18:16:24 -0500
NEED HELPERS - Mississippi
-Andrew Strom.

I asked for your prayers for specific ministry teams in the
Hurricane zone as Rita passed over last week. Thankyou so
much for praying. The eye of the storm passed right over
Darren Smith's house, but by then it had weakened and only
the power was out for several days. Praise God!  Russell Raia
wrote to me a couple of days after Rita:  "We made it through the 
storm just fine.  The night of the storm we were able to provide 
shelter to 5 people, one who gave his life to the Lord that night.
We are currently sending food and supplies to East Texas 
(Cleveland, Jasper, etc.)  The residents are saying that FEMA is 
not assisting them at this time. They are without power, water or 
food.  The shelter we assisted today was located at a VFW hall 
in Cleveland, TX.  The people were sleeping on pool tables and the 
floor.  Pray that the power is restored soon...."
[Russell's email is-  rjrjrlaw@... ]
Meanwhile, in the Katrina "Ground Zero" area, you will be pleased 
to know that our base down there in Southern Mississippi is now 
fully cleaned out and operational in every way. The favor of God 
has meant that we were given the use of it for three full months - 
which is wonderful. Teams are starting to flow through - most 
staying for several days - working and praying with people. The 
thing we need down there most now is MORE HELPERS. We 
need volunteers for practical work and also ministry. Are you able
to spare a few days, my friends?

By the way, Rick Walth, the guy in charge down there now is a 
former electrician, and he got all the electrical stuff working! (-Even 
AC). The power came on a couple of days before I left, so that is a 
big improvement. If you would like to go down, or send something 
down, please contact Rick on his cellphone- (605) 261-1580.

Rick sent out the following email a few days ago: 

"Back at base at Bay St Louis"
-Rick Walth.

We thank God that the Lord had favor on us that we drove the old 
junker van all the way down here overloaded with supplies without 
any breakdowns, blown tires or delays. With God's grace we made 
it. We arrived to find the electricity had been turned on in our base 
home and the house was completely full from one end to the other 
with supplies donated by you good brothers and sisters. I need to
note here that a whole semi load was delivered over the weekend 
from a group of wonderful servants of God from Hampton Iowa... 

Since we have been here God has shown us great favor. We got 
the air condition, water heater, stove, refrigerator, and washing 
machine all in operating condition. [Great! -After I am gone! -Ed.] 
It even feels a little like home now. This week we have a brother
here from Minnesota, brother from Florida, and sister from 
Connecticut. We are expecting a crew of six from Ohio tomorrow. 
We have many places lined up to keep everyone busy all week 
spreading the love of Jesus. The night meeting last night was great. 
As we were worshiping, the Spirit of the Lord fell upon us and would
not let us stop until 2:30 am. Tonight as we gathered together to 
worship the Lord, demons started to manifest and were cast out in 
the name of Jesus. The power of the Lord is so great. Tomorrow 
we are going to start diverting some of our supplies to east Texas 
to the victims of hurricane Rita, where we have another crew 
stationed. Please keep us and these areas in your prayers and 
as the Spirit of the Lord leads you, keep the supplies and financial 
support for this mission coming in. Once again the address here 
is-  200 Seminary Drive, Bay St. Louis Mississippi 39520. [-The 
Post Office is now delivering there]. We can also still use many 
volunteers, as there is much work to be done. God Bless you 
and I love you all in the name of Jesus. 
-Rick Walth,  
Cell: (605) 261-1580.
If you wish to donate online, Darren Smith's ministry 'Streetscape'
is also a good one to donate to. Go to his website-

God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,.

Andrew Strom.