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Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 14:00:16 -0500
BRIEF NOTE:  Our base at 'Katrina Ground Zero' in Mississippi is
still going strong. Rick Walth tells me they have about 12-18
volunteer helpers per week - gutting and cleaning out homes and
praying with people. They also hold Bible studies and fellowship
times every night for people from that area. Rick says that the
volunteers down there "work hard all day getting dirty, stinky and
sweaty, and yet they come back to the ministry home in the
evening and say they have never felt more refreshed and revived in
their life." I know what he means - and I encourage others to spend
some time down there.  NEEDS:  Supplies are getting lower in
that region now. Rick tells me that the most desperate need is for
CLEANING SUPPLIES such as Bleach, Clorox, disinfectant,
mops, brooms, buckets - these are all running low. Friends,
anything you may want to send down is welcome. The Postal
Service is working there now. Send to-  Rick Walth (Daily Life
Ministry), 200 Seminary Drive, Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520.
I believe God really wants to move in that region. Anything you
feel led to send will certainly help. Rick's cell- (605) 261-1580.

Below is an inspiring article by Jesse Morrell:
-by Jesse Morrell.

History has shown that people will listen to anybody talk about
anything so long as it is said with passion. Even a wicked man
such as Hitler had a mass following that believed his lies because
he spoke with passion. If you want others to believe you, you must
first believe yourself. The Israelites followed “fire by night” (Ex 13:22)
and in this dark hour we need our lamps to shine the brightest in
order to lead the multitudes out of bondage and into the Promised
Land of Christ. C. H. Spurgeon tell us: “If I were asked – What in a
Christian minister is the most essential quality for securing
success in winning souls for Christ? I should reply, ‘earnestness.’
And if I were asked a second or a third time, I should not vary that
answer, for personal observation drives me to the conclusion that,
as a rule, real success is proportionate to the preacher’s
earnestness. Both great men and little men succeed if they are
thoroughly alive unto God, and fail if they are not so…’The God
that answers by fire, let him be God’; and the man who has a
tongue of fire, let him be God’s minister.” So important and so
valued this one characteristic was to this master of oratory that he
went on to say, “No man who preaches the gospel without zeal is
sent from God to preach at all.” As a general rule, monotone
preaching is not very moving preaching. You will sooner see a row
boat tugging an ocean liner or a go-cart towing a Mac truck before
you see a monotone preacher persuading those who are dead in
their sins towards repentance. Fire begets fire. Passionate
preachers will create passionate converts. Preaching that is cold
and dry will typically not create hearts that are ablaze for the Lord.
“Is not My word like a fire?” says the Lord, “And like a hammer
that breaks the rock in pieces?” (Jeremiah 23:29)

Jeremiah spoke with tears in his eyes and fire in his words. “His
word was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones; I
was weary of holding it back, and I could not.” (Jer. 22:9) Charles
G. Finney said “Go to a sinner, and talk to him about his guilt and
danger; and if in your manner you make an impression that does
not tell correspond, you in effect bear testimony the other way,
and tell him he is in no danger. If the sinner believes at all that he
is in danger of hell, it is wholly on other grounds than you saying
so. If you live in such a way as to show that you do not feel
compassion for sinners around you; if you show no tenderness,
by your eyes, your features, your voice, if your manner is not
solemn and earnest, how can they believe you are sincere?” A
preacher once asked a successful actor how it was  that he was
able to attract multitudes of people to watch him perform, while he
was struggling to get crowds to hear him preach. The actor
responded with, “I present made up stories as though they were
real, while you present real stories as though they were made up.”
If passion and urgency belong anywhere at all, they belong in
preaching repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ. If
men can be passionate about earthly things, how much more can
we be passionate about eternal things?
Source- G.N.N. Oct Newsletter