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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 12:08:44 +1200
MODERATOR:  I have recently heard figures reporting that
church-giving in the USA has dropped by TWO-THIRDS just
over the past year!  That is an astounding decrease. Rick 
Joyner wrote recently: "There is presently a shocking malaise 
that has come over the church. A Gallup poll revealed that 
tithing was down nearly two-thirds in just the past year. Just 
two years ago, right after the 9-11 attacks, church attendance 
broke all records. Now it may be hitting its lowest levels per 
capita in United States history...."

Below is an email from California relating to this:
From:           "Tim Wirth" <nogoofyzone@...>

I am now in California with the saints out here. People are 
really starting to exit the church buildings because as the 
economy gets tighter the offering money gets less and you 
hear the preachers really put the hammer down because 
many of them live very wealthy lifestyles which are now in 

I have also been dismayed at hearing preaching that 
suggests if we don't pay God He will not protect us. Now 
I believe you should give but Paul plainly set up the rules 
for the New Testament churches in I Corinthians 16 and 
2 Cor 8-9. I think people see the pastor driving a Jag and 
they are having a hard time paying the light bill - and I think 
its a poor witness and I see this all through the Charismatic 
church. Plus where is God's grace in all this? There is a lot 
of the seed preaching that states if you want God to save 
your loved one you had better give God something to work 
with. Its funny (not really) but the original reason Martin 
Luther got ticked off at the church was because they were 
extorting money from the poor with claims of getting your 
loved one out of Purgatory etc. Same lie - different package. 
And it makes it tough for all the ministries that have good 
hearts and do good in the community because everyone is 
getting turned off from the church.

-Tim Wirth.