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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 14:43:00 -0600
-by Heidi Cummins.

(1)  "The Davids of the Hour"  (-Nov 19).

I am raising up my David's in this hour,- I have been  preparing
them, steadying them, rooting them in Me. They are like steel.
No, they are like titanium.They will not only use the sling-shot
effectively, but these that I am raising up, will also cut off the
heads of Goliath in the land. Sharply and decisively.They are
indestructable, unaware of the fray around them. They do what
they are supposed to do. What they have been born to do.
Nothing can stop them. Many consider them violent. They care not
what people think of them. They only do what their Father asks
them to do. They are fearless. They are lightening- rods" in the
Hand of the Lord. They are a prized possession. They cannot be
stopped. They devour all that is in their path. Woe to those that try
and oppose them. Those that oppose them are annihilated without
mercy. They are hated with the most perfect hatred. They are
hated for their single-minded devotion to the Lord. But they are
steadfast. They are not moved.  Who can withstand their assault?
They trample on their enemies. They are sucessful in all they have
been called to do. They are given the Spirit without limits. Who
can stand before them? Who can oppose them? They are
victorious and mighty. They have been prepared for the hour at
hand. They are deadly in their accuracy. Tremble in the presence
of the Holy ones. Tremble in the presence of the Lord. Does not
His Word come to pass as it is written? All that has been written
will come to pass. Look and see the Holy ones who stand on the
mountain of the Lord. They are coming. The Davids of the hour.

(2)  "I Am making a Distinction"  (-Nov 6).

“I the Lord, am making a distinction. A distinction between the
common and the uncommon. A distinction between the sacred
and the profane. No longer will my servants who hear from Me,
simply receive an “accurate” word. The word must also be purified
seven times. It must be a word that has been tried in the furnace
of fire, and purified in order for it to be acceptable to Me. I will
not have the common in My house any more. I will not tolerate it.
It is vile to Me. I have disdain for those who speak My word and
though they may speak it accurately, they speak it with impure
lips. Holy words coming out of unholy  vessels. This is an
abomination to Me and I will judge.

For those to pass the test today in My house, I must have purified,
sanctified vessels. It cannot be “do as I say and not as I do.” This
is not acceptable to Me. I am making a distinction. I am a Holy
God. I am a Holy Lord. I came as a Lamb, but I am coming back
as a Lion to reign and rule in righteousness and justice. No longer
will My name be allowed to be mocked and disdained. I AM the Lord.

Picky, picky, picky. I am very picky when it comes to choosing
My servants in this hour for specific jobs. I have the most
discriminating taste.

My Church will learn righteousness. My church will learn what it
means to be Holy in this hour. I must have a Bride without spot or
wrinkle, with no impurity found in her. I am looking for Holy vessels
in which to pour out My Glory, My Righteousness, upon. I council
those who have ears to hear, to let Me purify their lips. I council
My true prophets to let Me place My Holy coal upon  their lips, so
that they can offer up to Me pure and Holy sacrifices. The impure
can not stand in My House. The impure will be consumed in My
glory and Holiness. I AM a Holy God. I must have Holy vessels.
Consecrate yourselves unto Me this day, in order for you to pass
My test of Righteousness. My sword is coming throughout the
land, and My vessels must be Holy unto Me. One cannot simply
say My words and think I approve. You must be Holy vessels, in
order to remain in My House.”

-Heidi Cummins.