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NOTE:  David Kirkwood is one of my favorite preachers on the
whole American continent!  You may be interested to hear about
his recent trip to India and other things:

"WOODEN Indians"
-David Kirkwood  (Dec 2005).

On the first morning of my 3-day November conference in the Indian
state of Mizoram, I was wondering why I came. As I taught, about
800 Mizo pastors and Christian leaders stoically sat before me
like wooden Indians. (Seeking some consolation, I reminded myself
that I was in India, so these were Indians.)

About 60% of them were Presbyterians (which certainly explained
some of the stiffness), and all the rest were Baptists, Salvation
Army and Assemblies of God. A little over 100 years ago, the Mizo
people had been tribal headhunters without a written language.
Thus, the challenge before me was not as great as what the first
missionaries faced, so I kept plowing with God's Word.
Ever-so-slowly, they began to respond. I knew I was making
progress when three of them laughed at my joke about the
Presbyterians rising first at the Rapture because the Bible says
that "the dead in Christ will rise first." (I later learned that the three
who laughed were Baptists. For more tips on cross-cultural
communication, see my new book, Effectively Using Humor to
Win Your Audience.) By the afternoon sessions I was actually
enjoying myself. The pastors were opening up. On the second day
things got even better. By the third day we hit pay dirt. Almost
1,000 pastors and other Christian leaders were present. In the first
morning session, I never began my intended sermon. The Holy
Spirit helped me in a way that He rarely has, and I didn't teach—
rather I preached for an hour by pure inspiration. I was surprised
myself. It was a very searching and convicting message. When I
ended, the chairman invited everyone to pray. I could hardly
believe my eyes as everyone instantly lifted their voices in unison,
something they had not done before. All the previous prayers were
led by one person as everyone else remained basically quiet. But
this time everyone was crying out to God. Many were lifting their
hands, some were kneeling, and a few were even lying prostrate
on the floor. That went on for twenty minutes. And when it stopped,
different pastors came forward to tell everyone what God had done
in them over the past three days. That lasted the entire 2nd
session of the morning. Needless to say, we had a good
conference that stirred many—who will doubtlessly stir others.

Future Ministry in India

India has the world's largest population in abject poverty. 300
million people—more than the entire population of the U.S.—live
on one dollar or less per day. This kind of poverty is unimaginable
to us. People literally live in little shacks in sprawling slums. The
majority of India's people are Hindus, but they are proving
themselves to be open to the gospel if someone who lives like
Christ will just bring it to them. They already know that they need
forgiveness for their sins, but they are looking for it in the wrong
places. Americans aren't always helping the situation. A number
of prominent Indian Christian leaders recently signed a letter
decrying the fact that American televangelists who broadcast in
India are hurting Christ's cause there. They cited the cultural
insensitivity of their programming, specifically mentioning that
moral Hindus are often repelled by lax American dress standards.
The best way to evangelize India is by indigenous disciple-making
ministers. All three divisions of Heaven's Family—Shepherd Serve,
Orphan's Tear and I Was Hungry—will continue to strengthen the
indigenous church in India. We're making plans for several pastors'
conferences there next year, and we'll be printing our 500-page The
Disciple-Making Minister in four of India's languages—Malayalam,
Telegu, Tamil and Mizo. Those books will be distributed to
thousands of Indian pastors.

Destination: Myanmar (Burma)

By the time you read this, I'll be in Asia for the fourth time in four
months (and learning to live with jet lag.) This time the country is
Myanmar and 18 other team members from across the U.S. and
New Zealand are joining me there. Most of the orphans we help
through Orphan's Tear live in Myanmar, and we'll be visiting them
all and bringing them clothing. I'll also be conducting a conference
for 300 pastors. A few of our team members have raised enough
money to give bicycles to 65 native missionaries, and we're also
bringing hundreds of pairs of reading glasses for pastors whose
Bibles are getting blurry.... [ED NOTE:  I know that many on this
Myammar trip are actually on this List - so have a blessed and
powerful trip, my friends!]

David's USA WEEKEND SEMINARS - (no cost)

-Coming to CA, NV, SD, NE, IA, MO, TX and LA

Becky and I are very pleased to invite you to one of at least ten
very special weekends that we'll be hosting in 2006 across North
America. We're calling them "Drawing Closer Weekends," and the
purpose is to draw closer to Jesus and to each other, through
solid teaching, pure-hearted worship, and rich fellowship with other
sincere followers of Jesus. Scripture says, "Draw near to God and
He will draw near to you" (Jas. 4:8). Each one begins Friday
evening and ends after lunch on Sunday. I'll be teaching verse-by-
verse through the Sermon on the Mount, leading some simple and
pure worship, and enjoying good fellowship with those who join us.
For the most part, we've tried to choose venues that might be
considered by non-locals to be "get-away locations," so you can
escape for an entire weekend and be refreshed in the Lord.

First half of 2006 - Texas, Missouri, California, Pennsylvania,
South Dakota, and Oregon.Here are the three that are scheduled
for the first quarter:  January 20-22: Huntsville, Texas (2.5 hours
south of Dallas, 1 hour north of Houston);  February 24-26:
Excelsior Springs, Missouri (1/2 hour north of Kansas City)
March 24-26: South Lake Tahoe, California (2 hours east of Sacramento).

If you are interested in joining us at one of these weekends, just
e-mail me at-
2006conferences@...   -and I'll send you the details.

There is no cost for the conferences other than for your room and
meals. No offerings will be received, but there will be an offering
box in the room where we gather for those who would like to give.
Please feel free to extend this invitation to your close friends in
Christ. These weekend conferences are for spiritually hungry
people who are serious about following Jesus and who want to
learn more of His Word.

I look forward to hearing from you soon if you are interested in
joining us at any of these weekend conferences.  -David.

[To learn more about David's ministry, or find out about his
ministry to the orphans, please go to-
http://www.shepherdserve.org/ ]