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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 12:08:44 +1200
-Joel M. Killion <joelkillion@...>

On 14 September 2003 at Living Faith Fellowship (a local 
church which My wife and I attend) during evening worship: 

While in a lull during worship I saw a flood of water CRASH 
through the windows, doors and every possible crack that it 
could come through. White water rapids OVERTOOK the 
entire sanctuary and the crowd was VIOLENTLY CRUSHED 
by its power. (I was IMMEDIATELY reminded of Ezekiel 47 
and Revelation 22, BUT this was MUCH MORE SEVERE.). It 
felt like a thousand fire hoses where shooting this surge of 
water into the room at every possible angle. Even the wind, 
which accompanied it, was at Gail force. [It was clear to me 
that this was a manifested visitation from God in our very midst.] 

It was fascinating as well to witness the various responses 
that came from the people - leadership and laity alike. It 
seemed that mass hysteria hit once the river crashed into the 
Sanctuary, BUT not everyone followed suit: A distinction 
between the righteous and wicked was clearly made: The 
MAJORITY panicked while SOME PRAISED the God of 
Heaven. MANY scrambled for the nearest means of protection 
while the MINORITY sat in peace and rest. MASSES of 
people ran IN FEAR for the closest EXIT (People said, "Get 
me outta here") but SOME shouted and rejoiced with boldness 
unto the Lord of all things. Truly, this SEEMING disaster 
unveiled the true heart of ALL men. 

Somehow this whole experience is linked to the present 
hurricane called ISABEL, which literally means 'CONSECRATED 
UNTO GOD.'  God has consecrated a disaster for everything 
that is not of, for and from Him. I am reminded of THE FLOOD 
which killed everything and everyone who was not within the 
place of Divinely ordained protection. There is a remnant in the 
earth called "NOAH" - they have heard the Lord's instructions 
and are building a holy ARK (think of the ARK in the HOLY of 
HOLIES). Everyone who has NOT heard from God is mocking 
this righteous New Creation Man saying, "Noah, are you 
crazy? No disaster will come. No flood has EVER come upon 
the earth (the church) - you are out of your gord. All is well. I 
love you, you love me, we are one big happy family. You're a 
Christian, I'm a christian. God is happy and all is just fine. No 
worries mate. You don't have to build this ark - you won't 
need it. Besides, we're all going to be raptured out of here 
in no time flat, so chill out buddy. Take it easy, take a 
breather and don't be so serious. Life is short - have some 
fun. Get off your high horse and get REAL for once. Besides, 
God never meant for you to be so FOCUSED that you can't 
have a little fun in this life. Come with us and lets have some 
fun getting sloshed in the Holy Ghost. Lets just get drunk on 
the Holy Ghost and get blessed. Lets wallow on the floor and 
roll on the floor 'cause Jesus loves us and He JUST wants to 
bless our socks off. We are saved and filled with the Holy 
Ghost. All is well. Just come on and we'll take care of you, 

These silly minds have no clue about present truth or the 
purposes of God. They habitually cry out, Peace, peace, when 
there IS NO peace. Their nonchalant attitude, if not adjusted 
rightly, will cost them their lives if they are not careful. 

Psalm 107:23-30, KJV: 
"They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in 
great waters... They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken 
man, and are at their wits' end... Then they cry unto the LORD 
in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses. 
He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are 
still. Then are they glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth 
them unto their desired haven." 

[-In other words, HELL always PRECEDES HEAVEN.] 

A great flood is coming. The firstfruits of it have already begun 
to show up. Warning signs are everywhere. It is not being 
aimed at the earth or the world. It is being aimed at the 
church. All LEAVEN must be purged from that which is 
called to be one with the BREAD of Life. All DEATH (dead 
thinking, dead speaking and death living) must be separated 
from those who are called to be unified to the LIVING Water. 
All SIN must be crushed out of those who are destined to 
live in Him Who is HOLY. All religious tradition cannot be 
tolerated in those who were born to become the pure 
expression of the Kingdom of our Lord and His Christ. All 
laziness and idleness is destined to be ripped out of those 
who are called to be part of a King-Priest Ministry. All duality 
and doublemindedness cannot abide in those who are called 
to be single in their vision and ministry. Jesus MUST become 
our ONLY vision - anything less is simply a waste of valuable 
time. All human passion, opinion and desire must be drowned 
A flood has come, is coming and shall come but what is to 
come will dwarf all that has come thus far. It REALLY is an 
ISABEL ("CONSECRATED UNTO GOD"), therefore, do not 
curse it but embrace it.