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PART 2 - "RADICAL Chinese House Churches"
-by Denny Kenaston, The Remnant Magazine.

Bro Denny: Let's move on to another important question. How do
the Chinese Christian's evaluate AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY?

Bro Ren: They feel like the church in the West is playing games.
They are troubled with all the LAUGHTER in the meetings. They
are broken and weeping in their assemblies, and we are telling
jokes. This brings very different results. They feel we are bound by
traditions and programs and therefore cannot follow the Holy Spirit's
leadings. We have to make sure we have that direct line to the
Holy Spirit and seek to hear His voice. We can never
overemphasize the difference between the followers of Jesus in the
West and in China. These followers in China hear their Master's
voice, and they follow Him. This is actually a very simple theology.
The Christians in the West have been able to eliminate Christ and
His direct presence in their midst. I have a feeling sometimes that
the whole Christianity in the West could be going for years before
they discover that Jesus has not been with them for a long time.
He has gone somewhere else. He is not with them anymore.

Bro Paul: The personal message I got from Bro. Yun is that of
Jesus asleep in the boat. His whole point was that so many
people in missions, in churches, and in ministries start out with
the power of God and great visions. But, then people think, "Okay,
we can row it ourselves now. Thank you very much." And Jesus
goes to sleep in the boat. Great storms arise. They have to wake
Jesus up before it is too late to calm the storm. Make sure Jesus
isn't asleep in your church, in your family, or in your life.

Bro Denny: What does the Chinese church believe about the Holy
Ghost? It seems very evident that they are a powerful people. How
does this work out in their theology of the Spirit?

Bro Paul: They believe it is God's command to every believer to be
baptized by the Holy Ghost. They also believe that we must have
continual fillings as our life goes on in the Lord Jesus. This is the
primary reason for all the amazing things that we have shared in
the meeting. Imagine how different the American Christians would
be if millions of them would be filled with the Spirit.

Bro Denny: What does the Chinese church believe about holy living?
This is an area of much confusion here in America. The professing
church is filled with worldliness.

Bro Paul: They are conservative Christians. They order their lives
according to the word of God. Many do not have Bibles, but those
who do study much to see what God says about living a Christian
life. Their women are modest, in spirit and in their clothing. The
Chinese culture is different from American culture, but what they
wear is modest.

They are all poor, so they have no problems with fashion. This
matter of holy living is a real problem to them when they try to
relate to Christians from the West. They struggle when
denominations try to claim them as "one of us," when they are very different.

Bro Denny: Some of the testimonies about healing are amazing.
They cause me to sit in astonishment as I hear them. Could you
elaborate on the subject of healing a bit more? How often do things
like what we heard tonight happen? What is their theology of healing?

Bro Ren: First, let me answer the theology part of the question.
They have a very simple theology about healing. They believe that
God is a healer. It is simply one of the many manifestations of His
holy character. In America, you believe that God can heal. In China,
they believe He does ALL the time. It is according to your faith and
ours. You receive what you believe. The people are poor and cannot
afford to go to the doctor. Because of this, they have to trust in God
in ways that American's do not. Healings happen all the time, but
people also have sickness that they have to deal with. Poverty and
persecution brings extra hardships upon them, and thus they get
sick more often. Sometimes God heals, and sometimes He does
not. God is sovereign.

Bro Denny: Could you also comment on some of the other miracles
that you share tonight? It is hard for us to relate to so many
supernatural happenings. How does this affect the church there?

Bro Paul: They believe in a miracle working God. At first, in the
beginning of the revival, everyone was astonished as well. As God
began to work many miracles, the church just began to expect
miracles. It is not a distraction as it is in the West. Miracles
happen at a meeting, and the preacher just goes right on preaching
church has experienced miracles of some sort or another. Because
of this, they expect them. They never glorify the miracles; they
glorify God. The gift of miracles is in the Bible, and God works
through this gift to honor His name.

Bro Denny: Have you ever heard of someone being raised from the dead?

Bro Ren: Oh yes, it happens quite often.  Many times when
someone is killed, or dies from persecution, the leaders will go
where the body is to pray and find out if God would have the person
live again.

Bro Denny: I have often said in my preaching, "When persecution
comes, true unity will come with it, because there will be no
mixture with the world." In light of this, what do they believe about
unity?  We have all this ecumenical confusion here in our land.

Bro Paul: Again, their theology is very simple. Their unity is based
on the essentials of the faith and true marks of discipleship. They
say, "Disciples witness, and are persecuted because they witness."
This is where the lines of unity are drawn. There are differences
among them, but they do not allow these to divide them in the war
for souls.  They believe there is more that unifies them than there
is that separates them.

Bro Denny: Could you comment on the name given to these
Chinese Christians. I am referring to the name "house churches."
What is the significance of this name?

Bro Ren: The name signifies several different things.  First , the
name is given because they meet in houses.  There are several
reasons for this, and I will comment on them in a moment.  The
second reason has to do with a distinction between them and the
registered churches, which meet in buildings. The last reason is
the most important one,  they call themselves house churches out
of conviction.  They meet in homes because they believe it is more
biblical. It is also true that they have to because of persecution, but
the primary reason is evangelical in nature.  Even if the government
of china allowed them liberty to meet openly, they would still meet
in houses.  Meeting in homes is one of the greatest keys to the
tremendous growth of the church. The more meeting places, the
more they can win the lost to Christ. In addition, when they meet in
houses, it does not cost them any money. Finances often slow
church growth.

Bro Denny: Could you tell me what the church services are like
when they meet together and feel free? I know there are times
when they have to be quiet, but what is it like when they are free?

Bro Ren: The Chinese Christians are a lively, responsive
congregation when they gather in freedom. They sing some hymns
and some choruses, and the singing is wholehearted. During the
preaching and open testimonies, there are lots of amens and
hallelujahs. They meet in forests and caves to do this so they will
not be heard.

Bro Denny: You mentioned in your presentation that revival has
been continuing for decades. Can you give me some reasons why
it does not grow cold or stop?

Bro Paul: As I see it, there are two reasons. First, the church is
busy fulfilling God's purposes for it on the earth. That purpose is
evangelism. As God's people do His work, He continues to pour
out His Spirit upon them. This is a secret to ongoing revival. The
Chinese church has a powerful vision of the Great Commission.
They believe it is the Church's responsibility to preach the Gospel
to their generation. The second reason flows out of the first.
Because of their persistence in preaching the Gospel, they are
persecuted repeatedly. This persecution brings purifying, and that
brings more anointing. These two work together to create an
atmosphere of revival.

Bro Ren: There is another reason why they still have revival. The
church leaders are careful to give the Holy Spirit His place in
directing the work. They allow God's Spirit free course to move how
and where He will. They see the American church as one that is
too organized. The leaders have a saying about revival that I feel is
helpful. They call it, "How to kill a Revival."

        -Man wants to organize it to suit his understanding.
        -Then after he has it organized, he then secures himself a
        position in it.
        -Once this is done, the Spirit is grieved, and slowly withdraws.
        -Then the Revival becomes a history class, and everyone talks
        about it in the past.

Bro Denny: Could you comment on the eschatology of the house
churches? What is their end time theology?

Bro Paul: Their theology is again very simple. They believe that
Jesus Christ is coming again. He is coming for His bride who has
made herself ready. As far as the details of how all this will happen,
there are some differences. These differences do not divide them.
The strongest point of their theology has to do with evangelism.
They believe the gospel must be preached among all nations, and
then shall the end come. They get this from Matt. 24:14. Because
of this belief, they have strong convictions about evangelism. They
believe that if you are not actively busy preaching to others, you
are hindering the second coming of Christ, and you need to repent.

Bro Denny: For my last question, let's talk a little about the leaders
of this movement. The church is growing at a very fast rate, and yet
it is underground. Therefore, it would be hard to give much formal
training to the leaders. From an American perspective, many would
believe you cannot lead a church until you have had much formal
training. Obviously, this training is not happening in China, yet the
church is thriving. How can this be? Can you explain some of
preparations the leaders receive?

Bro Ren: Most of the top leaders are very poor. The strongest point
of their character is love. They pour out their lives for the
persecuted sheep in China both in labors and by subjecting
themselves to the dangers of imprisonment. One wrong move and
they sit in a prison cell for five or ten years. This is love as many in
America have never known. They do train their leaders. The training,
however, is very simple. They train them in three major areas. Let
me state them briefly.

•They teach them how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and walk
with Him daily. Then from that walk, they must learn how to
witness for Christ in a dangerous hostile environment.

•They teach them how to die daily and how to die really. These are
both very important because of the persecutions leaders face.

• They teach them how to escape the police when they are caught,
and how to escape from prison if God says "Run."

The word of God is very important to these leaders. They have
memorized and internalized many chapters of the Bible. They
cannot carry a Bible around in their hands, so they make sure that
they can carry one in their heart. The fire of the Holy Ghost is also
very important in ministry. These men are constantly being
empowered by the Spirit. This is leadership in China, and this is
how the church spreads so rapidly.

Bro Denny: Thank you for taking the time to share with me. I am
deeply challenged by the answers to my questions. I know the
hearts of the people who will read this article. They will be thrilled
and humbled by our Chinese brethren. May God help us. We lack
in so many of these areas, but we want to change.

(Bro Denny continues) This concludes the interview about the
Chinese House Churches. What can I say?...

Zion in America must reckon with Zion in China. "This God is our
God for ever and ever." When Communism closed the doors to
China in 1949, there were one million believers in China. Now, fifty
years later, there are eighty million disciples of Jesus Christ. There
are also many true Christians in the registered churches. Christ is
building His Church in China, and the gates of hell are not prevailing
against her. Praise ye the Lord. Dear brothers and sisters, let us
repent of our lukewarmness and unbelief... and let us believe God
for mighty things. The persecution will come. Most Christians in
America acknowledge this. We need to get prepared.

[Marc White]:  Earlier this year at a conference on revival and
repentance, a prophetess asked the question how many in the
room of 100 or so had the leading from the Holy Spirit that they'd
be martyred here in America. I was surprised to see many hands
go up in the air.