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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 21:17:52 -0600
MODERATOR:  We will have a 2-week break on this List starting
next week. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years, my
friends! It sure has been an eventful year. Looking forward to what
God will do in 2006!

Below is an email from Rick Walth, who is still at the base we set
up in Mississippi at "Katrina Ground Zero". It has simply been
amazing what God has done down there. Rick has sacrificed a
great deal to remain and minister amidst the devastation. He was
actually one of the original four who went down with us to help in
that region after the hurricane. And mostly he has been there
ever since! (-With a few breaks to spend time with his family).
God has really been moving, as you will see below:

-by Rick Walth.

Where does one start to explain what is going on in the Gulf Coast
region? Every person who has come to the Bay St Louis, MS relief
post says the same thing, “Words can not describe what is going
on here. People just need to come and experience it for themselves.”
For years people have traveled around the world to be part of, or to
experience the power of God... Today I believe that God is saying
you can’t pour new wine into old wine skins.  He is calling us to
be selfless.  He is calling us to love our neighbors as we ourselves.
I believe that if we want to see the face of God then we must truly
be willing to be servants with a pure heart for no other reason than
to glorify Him.  I am saying this from first-hand experience as to
what God is doing in and through the volunteers who come to help
out with the Katrina relief effort. Every day we are seeing physical
healings such as eye sight restored to the blind, diabetes cured,
bones healed, and cancer cast out in the name of Jesus.  We are
seeing demons cast into outer darkness and lives restored by
the hand of the living God.  We are seeing people go from death
to life through the saving grace of Jesus and the full gospel being
lived out daily.

On the side of physical work we are now in the rebuilding stage.
We have gutted out over 100 homes ourselves and overall the body
of Christ has been responsible for gutting out over 90% of the
homes in the Bay St Louis/Waveland area.  We have started
rebuilding homes by doing the electrical, plumbing, and hanging
sheetrock.  We will be doing the finishing of sheetrock, trim work,
cabinetry, roofing, and flooring.  If you have any trades skills and
a heart to serve God, please consider coming to help. If you don’t
have any trades skills and have a heart to serve God, please come
also. One thing we are finding is that God is giving each one of us
who is willing, the wisdom and knowledge to become all things for all jobs.

At the base camp, we have built bunk beds and can now house up
to 32 volunteers. We have also been blessed with two more houses
to use as ministry homes. We are still giving away donated supplies
in the tent out in the front yard and this is proving to be a blessed
ministry opportunity to witness and pray with people everyday.

Starting on January 1st there is going to be a 24/7 prayer tent set
up in Bay St Louis in which teams of people will be coming from
all over the world to intercede for the community, the people, and
the country. If you would like more information on this, please contact me.

We have started a street ministry operation in which all the
volunteers go out two afternoons a week in teams of 2 or 3 and
cover the whole community with the gospel.  Wednesday evenings
we have a street service in conjunction with a local church right in
the middle of the highest drug district in town. This is a most
rewarding and blessed time breaking down strongholds and
taking back the city.

The Christmas present drive for the children is still under way this
week and is in need of your help.  We want to be able to provide
every child in the community with a present from God.  For more
information on this please contact me right away.

My friends, if you have a heart for God and a heart for revival, do
not miss this opportunity to participate in what God is doing here.
Don’t look at this with fleshly eyes and think you’re not cut out to
do physical work or you’re not a trained tradesman.  This is real
revival and there is a place for everyone here in the body of Christ.
We have had men, women, and children of all ages, all physical
conditions, and all walks of life come here and be very effective,
productive, and before they leave, transformed into a closer
image of God.

To call Rick-  712-726-3044.
Email-  rwalth@...

Send donations to-
"Daily Life Ministry",
200 Seminary Drive,
Bay St. Louis,
Mississippi 39520.