[anzac] PROPHECIES for 2006

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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 15:55:54 -0600

NOTE from ANDREW STROM:  We don't normally do this, and
in some ways I hesitate to do so now. Every year it seems that
prophets big and small put out a 'Word for the year' - and it is
very easy to grow cynical over this.

But I myself believe that 2006 is going to be a "special" year -
a 'breakthrough' year that will lay the foundation for what is to
come. I am very excited about it because I feel that "something
is up". -Something is about to happen.

So when I found out that there is an Internet page where a whole
lot of prophecies for 2006 are posted, I was interested to take a
look. And I want to pass this onto you to take a look also. There
seem to be a number of strong themes running through many of 
these words.  

WARNING:  Several of the prophecies are from "Elijah List" type
prophets - so treat them with care. (ie. Place your 'discernent
switch' into the "fully on" position!)  However, there are many 
other worthwhile ones too. -So take a look!

Below is the link to the website:


May you be blessed in your reading, my friends!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.