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Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 19:31:40 -0600
-by A.S.C.

There was a revival that swept through a high school in the 80's. It 
was a boarding school and so the students had their own services, 
preached to themselves most of the time (except occasional 
invitations to outside preachers). The revival was such that adults 
from the town were coming to the school for their Sunday worship. 
They were invited to churches outside to preach....

So how did all this come about? One day the president of the 
school fellowship was eating in the dining hall when the Holy Spirit 
asked him to look round and count how many there were really 
born again. They were few. In the night, mattresses were laid in 
front of the girls' hostel while boys and girls slept with each other. 
There was violence and every kind of immorality you could think of.
So, they began to meet everyday and pray for revival. It was such 
that the school authorities complained that they were disturbing 
the school with their prayers. The school authorities even went so 
far as to ban them from having prayer meetings but they kept right 
on disturbing the school with their prayers. Then it began to 
happen. The Holy Spirit came and revival broke out. The revival did 
last for many sets but unfortunately the initial fire began to die 
down gradually. But there have been sparks and I believe that God 
is doing a new thing there again. 

I know this because this is the high school I attended. When I was 
still attending, we met basically every day. Prayer meetings were 
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and one other day of 
the week. Wednesday was a fasting prayer meeting. We met on 
Wednesdays and Saturdays for fellowship. Then on Sundays for 
Sunday service. This is not counting the sub-unit meeting days 
which sometimes became a fasting prayer meeting. We met 
basically everyday. You would wake up in the morning and find 
your friend on the lower bed (we used a double bunked bed) on his 
knees agonizing in payer. Or you could hear someone praying at 
the top of his voice in the field at night. There was a soccer field
beside the hostel. You could walk up to your friend's room and 
meet him studying the word. Sometimes, some people would lock 
themselves in and ask a friend to go with the key and not worry 
about him so they could spend some time with God. Many times 
we ate together, discussed the word of God together. We prayed 
together, lived together, slept together, went about together, 
evangelized together. This is enough to stir anyone to do his own 
share of praying and studying the word. 

If you were not filled with the Holy Spirit, you could not minister in 
the choir. In fact, the Holy Spirit was an important part of this body 
of young Christians. Demons would manifest during praise and 
worship. People would fall under the power all by themselves. And 
yes, there was 'koinonia' (-hope I spelt that right). They shared their 
things together such that no one lacked anything. Even when there 
was lack, supernatural provisions came. There was a case of 
someone who didn't believe in the Holy Spirit. After some persuasion 
he came into one of the fellowship gatherings and responded to an 
altar call. Suddenly the Holy Spirit directed the person ministering
(keep in mind we are talking High School here so this person would 
be about 17 or 18 ) to lay hands on the guy that didn't believe. As 
he got close to the person he (the unbeliever) was thrown across 
the room by the power of God. After that experience he believed 
and became born again that very day. 

Of course there was also the dark side of things. There were 
witches sent to quench the fire of revival. Many of them were 
exposed. The revival was such that if you were not a Christian, it 
would be as though you were not a member of the school. There 
were additions to the church "such as should be saved" even 
among the authorities (teachers, principal, both official and non-
official staffs). 

At the initial start of the revival, the principal decided to visit his
students one day in the dinning hall. He got there and found it 
almost empty. He was baffled. He went to the hostel and found 
that empty too. He went to the classroom area and found that 
empty. Finally he came to a building and found all his students 
there. They were having a fasting prayer meeting. The place was
packed. The summary of it all is this- STUFF HAPPENED THERE!! 

It was no wonder to us that when people went home, their fire died 
down but when they came back to school, it went up again. So 
what was the difference between the homes of these people and 
school? It was fellowship, accountability, proximity to other 
believers and constant fellowship together both in prayer, 
discussing the word of God, eating, sleeping, sharing, etc. It 
was a wonderful experience. -One that got me ready to face the 
world. I was sad when I had to leave (when I graduated) because 
I knew that I may never find any place on earth like that again. I 
still keep in touch with my friends, but it is not the same. I wish 
that one day we (me and my friends) could all just live together 
and minister together just like Paul and Barnabas did. That would 
be a great blessing. 

~Found on the Forum at- http://www.revivalschool.com