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Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 10:37:38 +1200
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~Hollie L. Moody. (10 Sept 2003).

In a series of what I call "mini-visions" which have occurred over a period 
of almost three months, the Lord showed to me a great hill in the midst of a 
barren looking wilderness. At the top of this hill were a great many temples. 
There was intense darkness surrounding both the temples and the hill. The 
temples were brightly lit and shining as a beacon. As I continued to watch the 
temples, gradually, the light emanating from the temples began to dim. As the light 
from within the temples continued to dim, I saw people begin to stream from 
the doors of the temples. 

As the people continued to leave the temples, they made their way down the 
sides of the mountain. I turned in the vision to watch where they were going. I 
saw them beginning to congregate at a large river. 

The scene in the vision then shifted and I was watching groups of people who 
appeared to be in some type of meetings. There were several different meetings 
going on. All the meetings appeared to be quite intense. 

In some of the meetings, the people involved appeared to be very angry, 
upset, etc. There appeared to be a great deal of discord, confusion, anger, etc.,  
in these meetings.

Other meetings appeared to be just as intense, but with almost no discord, 
confusion or anger. These meetings seemed to be reaching conclusions, solving 
problems, etc.

In still other meetings, the people were sitting listlessly, saying and doing 
very little. These people appeared helpless and almost indifferent. They 
didn't appear to really understand why they were even having a meeting. It didn't 
seem as if anything of any value was being accomplished in their meetings.

After the meetings concluded, I saw these groups of people dispersing. Some 
of them joined the group of people gathered at the river. They appeared to be 
waiting expectantly and excitedly for something to occur.

Some of the people who left the meetings just walked away into the wilderness 
and disappeared. 

Still others who left these meetings went to the hill where the temples were. 
I watched as these people climbed back up the sides of the mountain until 
they began to reach the temples. Then these people divided into groups of two so 
that there were two people gathered before each of the temples. The groups of 
two people then began to speak forth words towards each temple they were 
gathered in front of. 

I then saw people dressed as shepherds coming to the doors of the temples. 
These shepherds almost all appeared to be upset, confused, very emotional, etc. 

The two people standing before each of the temples began to speak to each of 
the shepherds. Some of the shepherds listened attentively to what these two 
people were saying. They invited the two people into the temple. When this 
occurred, I saw as a bright light began once again to emanate from within that 
particular temple. 

Some of the shepherds refused to listen to the two people gathered before the 
temple where they were standing before the door. The two people would then 
walk away with an air of sad heaviness surrounding them. The light within these 
temples where the two people were not invited into remained dim. 

I then watched as more people began to leave the temples on the hill. These 
people made their ways down the sides of the mountain and joined the group of 
people already gathered expectantly before the river.  

I saw a very marked difference in the people who left the brightly lit 
temples and those who left the dimly lit temples. The people who left the brightly 
lit temples had their shepherds and the two people from the meetings with them. 
These people all walked with excitement, determination, confidence, etc. The 
people who left the dimly lit temples appeared dejected, depressed, oppressed, 
etc. There were no shepherds with those who left these dimly lit temples.

When all the people were gathered before the river, I saw as they appeared to 
be listening for something. There was the sound of a heavily blowing wind. 
From within the wind, I heard the voice of the Lord.

At the sound of the Lord's voice, the people gathered before the river began 
to excitedly wade into the river. I watched as they began to cross the river 
in preparation to get to the other side. 

I noticed that many of the people who had remained in the temples on the hill 
had come to the doors of the temples and were watching the people crossing 
the river. Some of these people were pointing angrily at the people crossing the 
river. I heard them calling out accusations to the people who were crossing 
the river. 

I then noticed that the Lord had appeared and that He was preventing some of 
the shepherds and groups of two people from crossing the river. At first, 
these shepherds and groups of two people appeared confused and distressed and 
angry that they were being prevented from crossing the river. 

I watched as the Lord began to speak to them, then pointed back towards the 
hill and the temples and people on the hill. The shepherds and groups of two 
people the Lord was speaking to at first looked astounded, then even more upset. 
Some of the shepherds and groups of two people shook their heads, and started 
to cross the river anyway. I saw that the Lord was allowing them to depart 
and cross the river, but that He seemed pained and displeased with these 
shepherds and groups of two people.

The Lord turned back towards the shepherds and groups of two people still 
gathered before Him. He continued to speak to them, and to point back to the 
hill, the temples and the people who remained there. 

I watched as these shepherds and groups of two people obeyed the Lord's 
instructions. They made their way back up the hill. When they came back to the top 
of the hill, they began to separate into groups of three. Each group consisted 
of a shepherd and two of the people who had formerly been in the meetings. I 
then watched as these groups of three each went to a particular temple and 
approached the people gathered before that temple. Then all the people went back 
inside the temples.

I saw, though, that some of these shepherds and groups of two people, even 
though they had obeyed the Lord's instructions to go back up the hill, seemed 
resentful about this. They appeared to be angry towards the people who had 
remained in the temples and who had not joined the group of people who had crossed 
the river. 

I was troubled both by their anger, and also about why the Lord had asked 
them to go back up the hill instead of crossing the river. 

I began to seek after the Lord as to what this vision (in its completeness) 
could possibly mean. 

I felt the Lord was saying that the temples on the hill are churches, 
congregations, organizations, denominations, etc., that comprise His Body. His Body 
is made up of individual Christians. We are the light that should be shining to 
a dark world. The light, of course, is the Holy Spirit within each of us. 

Because the light had/has dimmed within many of us as well as within 
churches, denominations, etc., people were/are beginning to leave what is called 
"organized" churches. 
Meetings are even now being held by many leaders in numerous denominations 
about the great exodus of people from attending church. Accusations are being 
made. Compromises are being made. Hearts are being examined. Doctrines and 
beliefs are being put under microscopes and being looked at closely. All in an 
effort to understand and solve the dilemma of why so many people are leaving 

Some of these meetings are reaching godly conclusions, and are beginning to 
set in motion what the people in these meetings feel the Lord is speaking to 
them. Other people in these meetings remain defensive, angry, etc. There is much 
opposition to any changes being made, or to even some changes being made. 

How the conclusions reached by many of the leaders of organized religion 
during these meetings are presented to individuals will have a great impact on 
whether these conclusions are accepted or rejected. 

This is a tremendous move of God which He alone can orchestrate and set in 
motion. Each of us will need to put aside our own personalities, likes and 
dislikes, even our beliefs, to examine closely whether or not we are hearing from 
God and are in His perfect will. 

There are those who will fear this, and resist it. Others will just blindly 
and with no true knowledge or understanding of what exactly the Holy Ghost is 
striving to bring about, toss aside much of what they once believed and 
accepted. They will embrace anything presented to them just because it is something 
new, or something different. 

Many will go willingly and eagerly where the Lord is leading them and where 
He is leading His Body. Some will be more hesitant and will adopt a "wait and 
see" attitude. Others will fight and resist any change at all.

The danger will be in letting our hearts be cold, impatient or indifferent 
towards anyone who doesn't immediately embrace or grasp what the Lord is doing 
at this particular time. The Lord would have us to walk in love and peace with 
and towards each other at all times.

There will be some who will want to eagerly go forward with new changes and a 
new direction, but the Lord will stay them from doing so. He will be sending 
some people back to the hesitant, fearful, and even those who are rigidly 
opposed to any and all change. The Lord is gracious, and will be granting a small 
amount of time for these people to be taught with love and gentleness where 
His Spirit is leading His people. 

The ones who will be sent back to instruct those who have up to this point 
refused to go forward, must do so with love, gentleness and great patience. If 
they are resentful, angry or harsh towards the ones God is sending them back to 
instruct, they may very well abort or prevent these people from understanding 
how God is moving at this particular time. 

Change isn't about compromise. It isn't about tossing away convictions. This 
change sweeping throughout the entire Body of Christ at this moment is about 
going in the direction the Holy Ghost is leading. If we keep our eyes on Him, 
focused on Him, and not on man, we will be able to see more clearly how, where 
and why God is leading us.

And we will once again become a city set on a hill, shining out God's love 
and light into the darkness of the world around us!

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody.