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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2006 14:16:43 -0600
-Andrew Strom.

We have now been here in America for two years, and I guess 
that is a time when you look back and evaluate how things are
going. Perhaps this is the reason why I have felt an increasing
"burden" over one particular area of my ministry. -And it is the
main area that we came to America for:- To preach a 'Revival' gospel.

On this List and in our ministry generally, the last two years have
been the most tumultuous ever. They have brought a lot of grief - 
and probably a lot of distraction - away from my main task.

That is one of the reasons, too, behind my recent announcements.
I am here on a "mission" and I cannot do my job with these endless
controversies hanging over my head. Coming into this year, I clearly
felt God showing me that I had to 'clear the air' if I was going to 
enter fully into 2006. I have to get back to the bedrock of what it is 
that I am called to do.

Ever since I was 17 years old I have agonized in prayer for a
'Revival' anointing. The major passion of my life has been to see
a true outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and to become a 'Revival'
preacher. It is a call that has been over my life now for 22 years.
And ironically, just when God visited me and placed a new 
message in my mouth in August 2003, little did I realize that all 
hell was about to break loose over the next two years. When I 
actually got to preach that message it was wonderful. -But I hardly 
got to preach it! -A word I had been waiting for half my life.  

Perhaps this has been 2 years of 'clearing away entanglements' - 
I don't know. But it has been a very bumpy ride. And I have been 
strongly feeling that the time has come to "right the ship". -To get 
back to the bedrock of my major calling - "REVIVAL".

Despite all the "issues", etc, the thing that has become more and 
more clear to me is this: The "HEART" is the place where real 
change and transformation begin. The HEART is what we need to 
focus on - far more than all these 'surface' things. For some time 
I have been writing a book on "How to Experience Personal Revival" - 
literally a step by step book on how to become truly 'Revived' - 
drawing from every bit of Scripture and Revival history and personal 
experience that I possibly can. Being forced to write the whole
process down step-by-step has brought a great deal more clarity
to it. -Revival begins in the "HEART". And there are 'foundations'
that can be laid in people's lives.

I truly believe it is possible to bring any believer into a 'Revived'
state, simply by imparting truth to them and seeing it enacted
in their lives. I have seen it happen in quite a few places, and also 
with some young men that we have been working with here - so I 
know it works. -True 'personal Revival'. 

I know that whole congregations can experience the same thing,
and then build out from there to true New Testament "Body Life".
-A corporate expression of 'Revived' Christianity. -I know it works.

What is true NT Christianity? -It is a group of people who have 
become truly 'Revived' in their own lives - coming together as one. 
In the New Testament they simply called this the "church".

The burden and urgency that has been upon me in recent months
is very simple: It is that I cannot afford to keep failing in this area 
of 'preaching a Revival gospel'. It is eating me up inside.

God seems to be leading us to begin something here in Kansas 
City that facilitates true 'Body Life' and also this kind of 'Revival' 
teaching. We will see how that works out.  

But I have to tell you, it is weighing heavily upon me that we have 
been here two years, and yet we seem to have failed in the very 
thing that God called us here for.  Please pray for me, my friends, 
that I would not continue to fall down in this most important area. 

It is causing me a lot of anguish and I truly appreciate your prayers.

God bless you all,

Andrew Strom.