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"ACTS 6 in 2006"
-by Peter Christensen.

The Spirit of God spoke to me that the Body of Christ must be 
positioned accurately in 2006.  This will be a year of the greatest 
shifts, alignments and repositioning the church has gone through 
for decades. For those who will submit their lives to the call of God 
this year will find themselves being set up for a major repositioning 
from their present position.  God will work quickly in the hearts and 
lives of those who say yes and get positioned for the high call of God.

The following is what the Lord spoke to me from Acts chapter six 
for the year 2006. When you read the chapter it is clear that it 
was a time of God positioning and repositioning the church for 
greater breakthrough and kingdom advancement.

Please take the time to read through Acts 6 - go on!

There are ten key elements to Acts chapter six that are going to 
manifest in 2006

1.  Verse 1: Now in those days, when the number of the disciples 
was multiplying.
~  2006 is going to be the start to 'the days of the number of the
disciples being multiplied'.
~  The passive church-goer mentality is going to begin to break this
year as many cross over and become true disciples, followers of Christ.
~  I heard the Lord saying, "He is coming to the rich young rulers of 
this day" - young professionals in places of authority within the 
market place.  Many will respond to the call to follow Christ in 2006. 
~  Those who are yielded and have a seeking heart will grow quickly 
in 2006. 
~  Mtt 28:19- "Go and make disciples of all nations" will be a 
primary mandate of the church in 2006.

2.  Verse 1: .The daily distribution.
~  God is calling the church to consider the poor of the nations 
more than ever in 2006.  Those that do will find financial resources 
multiplied dramatically this year. 
~  God will realign the priorities of the church this year and those 
who do not give to the poor will struggle financially in 2006. 
~  Prov 19:17a  "He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord."

3.  Verse 3: Seek out from you seven men of good reputation, full 
of the Holy Spirit and wisdom that we may appoint. 
~  This year is the start of the Lord seeking out from among His 
church those who have been hidden away for such a time as this in 2006. 
~  The Lord gave me three words in relation to verse 3, Discover, 
Develop and Deploy. 
~  The word discover means to, recognize, uncover, identify, used 
to describe the breaking through and locating of something new. 
~  The word develop means to bring to maturity, progress, used to 
describe something evolving into its destined design. 
~  The word deploy has roots as a military term, used to describe 
the placement of equipment and troops in a battlefield. 
~  2006 to 2007 are two strategic years for people to be positioned 
in their Call. 
~  This will be a year of the faithful hidden ones being promoted. 
~  A good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom are the key 
characteristics the Lord is looking for in His church so that He can 
release His power to prevail over darkness this year.
~  God is wanting to release team this year in a new way.  There 
will be a unique and strong anointing upon those who are teamed 
up by the Holy Spirit. There is a warning for those in the church to 
not go it on your own any more. 
~ The Lord is going to team people up in a special way and restore 
broken links in 2006.

4.  Verse 4:  .but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and 
to the ministry of   the word.
~  All leaders need to be praying more and working less in 2006.
~  Leaders who pray more than they manage their ministries will 
be more fruitful and productive this year.
~  The Body of Christ must 'watch their time' this year. Don't let
time slip away was the warning I heard in my spirit for the church. 
Also their will be 'times of opportunity' this year. Strategic times to 
move and act quickly as the Lord instructs or else the opportunity 
will be missed as quick as it came. Therefore the church must be 
deeper than ever in prayer and the Word. 
~  I heard the Lord say, "the church must be vigilant, purposeful and
strategic this year in prayer."

5.  Verse 5: . And they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and 
the Holy Spirit, and Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, 
and Nicolas, a proselyte from Antioch, 6 whom they set before the 
apostles; and when they had prayed, they laid hands on them. 
~  Apostolic leaders will be called upon this year to release and 
appoint new ministries in 2006. 
~  There is abundant grace to father new ministries this year. 
~  Leaders' mindsets will need to change this year from 'how many 
I can gather' to how many I can Father, develop and release. 
~  It is a year of apostolic grace for kingdom impartation and release

6.  Verse 7: Then the word of God spread
~  2006 is the year that the Word of the Lord will cross over into
places formerly closed. Hearts will soften as the Word goes forth 
this year, so expect the ground you have been sowing into to 
change this year. 
~  The gospel of the kingdom will intensify and be the primary 
message of those tuned to the voice of God .
~  A key word in this verse is, 'then', meaning as a result of 
something happening. That something is the setting apart and 
releasing of those chosen by the Lord.

7.  Verse 8: And Stephen full of Faith and power did great wonders 
and signs among the people
~  This is the year of the Holy Spirit empowering the Stephens of 
the church. Those who are not five fold ministers.
~  Make 'no room' for unbelief this year.  Act on what you believe 
and signs that make you wonder will follow in 2006. 
~  This is a year for many discovering their potential in Christ.
~  Faith and power are the spiritual muscles that need to be 
exercised this year. 
~  The Goliaths in our ministries must be confronted with faith and 
power in 2006.

8.  Verse 10: And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the 
Spirit by which he spoke. 
~  The spirit of wisdom is crucial to overcoming assignments and 
opposition in 2006.
~  The Spirit of wisdom will be one of the keys to the release of 
God's power and authority in 2006.
~  The Word of the Lord is going to have a 'breaking grace' this year 
to penetrate and open up for the kingdom to come.
~  I heard the Lord saying, "Wisdom is the principle thing in 2006" - 
get hold of it and don't let it go!

9.  Verse 13: They also set up false witnesses who said, "This 
man does not cease to speak blasphemous words against this 
holy place and the law." 
~  There will come more resistance towards the new from those not 
prepared to transition out of the old order and into the new in 2006. 
~  I saw the Lord whispering in the ear of many leaders of large 
denominations, He was inviting them to follow Him into new ground.  
However many refused to change because of the fear of losing their 
~  In 2006 the Lord will use ones like Stephen to be prophetic 
forecasters and demonstrators of a new message and mandate from heaven.

10. Verse 15: And all who sat in the council, looking steadfastly 
at him, saw his face as the face of an angel.
~  The face we see in 2006 is the face we are going to reflect. To 
the degree and depth of what we see and encounter of the nature 
of God will be reflected in our day to day life. 
~  The seals are open and much more will be revealed in 2006, is 
what the Lord impressed in my spirit. 
~  Many will break into a new dimension of truth and encounter 
this year and become 'heavenly reflectors'.