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Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 14:18:33 -0500
JESUS As "LOVER"?? - Final Word
-Andrew Strom.

If you are even remotely interested in this topic, there is a lot of
additional information and 'Readers Replies', etc, that have been
added. -Please go to the finalized article - "JESUS AS LOVER??" 
which is just under the "Forum" box on our main page - 

Extra information added:

- Why the Editor of a Prophetic Newsletter has been so concerned
with what he has been seeing.

- One person's experience of unclean spirits attaching themselves 
to those who imbibe this teaching.

- Another person's experience of "Bridegroom Fasting" - and does it
do any good?

- The "anti-Revival" emphasis that can result from this whole thing.

-Also, a better general overview of the whole topic.

Please take the time to read it. Here is the direct Web address for 
this finalized article-

God bless you all!

-Andrew Strom.