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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 14:07:09 -0500
-by Gary Martin.

When considering where we are as a western church today I was 
given the following word from the Lord:

"There are many in my body like you who don't fit the current ministry 
mold but who are called and commissioned to reach this generation, 
take ground for my kingdom, assault strongholds and prepare the 
way for an inflow in my church. These are my special forces, pray 
for my special force army."

My idea of what a special force army would be like was limited to 
aggressive action against enemy targets, often behind enemy lines, 
by the SAS, Rangers, etc. This didn't fit with what God was saying 
about His force, so I did some research on special forces. The 
following stood out:

American Special forces were used to build a relationship with local 
people in Malaysian and Korean conflicts. They were trained to 
understand the culture and language of the people, and, as well as 
training locals to become a resistance force, they educated in 
farming and medical care.

God impressed upon me that there are many Christians who are 
strategically placed in areas of the arts, music, education and 
business who are able to relate to, and build relationships with the 
lost, in a way that the more "Church bound" believers cannot. 
These believers are being called up by God to press the claims for 
the extension of His Kingdom, right where they are. They will, 
through the quality and excellence of their lives in Christ, gain the 
favor and ear of the lost around them. They will see salvations but 
will also be used to sow seeds that will lead to many being receptive 
to Christ and being positive and open to His Church.

Like myself, many of these believers can't see themselves as 
Pastors or Church leaders and don't fit the mold. In the same way 
the Special Forces of the army are often looked down upon because 
they don't hold to traditional uniform or army practices on mission. 
[Many special forces in Afghanistan had huge beards and clothing 
similar to the locals]. Traditional army leaders looked down on this 
quality, misunderstanding the practical benefits. Many special force 
Christians have been overlooked as candidates for ministry, many 
have been told to get involved in the church programs and to stop 
wasting time being involved in things in the world.

The army needs special forces to be its eyes and open the way for 
the army to accomplish it's objectives, the church needs it's special 
forces to build bridges to the world and make sure it is relevant to 
the issues of the lost. They will help church people find better ways 
to reach and communicate with the lost than, "come to our church".

Special forces are better trained that regular army, but this is 
because they need this training to survive in hostile environments, 
not because they think they are better than everyone else. Our 
Christian special forces will be constantly bombarded with worldly 
temptations and demonic forces, because they are taking ground 
from the enemy, but in Christ they can live holy lives and be victorious.

Pray for God's Special Forces.
ANDREW's NOTE:  Jesus was famous for eating and drinking and 
hanging around with the 'sinners'. He was loved by the "common 
people" and spoke their language. He said, "I have come to seek 
and save the lost". What do you think his "Fisherman-apostles" 
looked like? Do you think they were smooth and well-educated? 
These men came from a rather "rough" background and probably 
looked and sounded like it! Be ready for this today also. I believe it 
will be one of the most surprising things about the coming move of God].