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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 11:10:04 -0500
IMPORTANT:  For those who wrote to me questioning, Yes - that 
posting from yesterday "The MEGACHURCH ASSOCIATION" was
indeed SATIRE. However, the story below is certainly real...
-by Terry Somerville.

Last night I was told this story about recent breakthroughs in the 
marketplace of Holland.  A reality television program has been 
developed about people seeking God. They call it- "...(Name of 
person) .... Seeks God". They choose a notable public figure, and 
with television cameras rolling, take them on a search to find God.   
They may visit a church one week, a care center another week, and so on.  

Last year there was a six part series featuring  well known  
television personality, Henny Huisman. Henny usually hosts a 
"Holland Idol" type of program, but this reality show was called 
"Henny Huisman Seeks God". It caught the nation's attention.   
After five programs seeking God in various ways he would still 
comment, "Well, that was nice, but I didn't find God."  Then he 
was taken to Israel.  In the Garden of Gesthemane  he saw a 
statue of Jesus face down praying. Suddenly Henny broke down. 
He went away and faced a wall and began to sob,  with the 
cameras rolling.  He comprehended how Jesus really did love 
him and laid down His life for him.  

The news that "Henny Huisman found God" swept the nation on 
prime time television.  He has been interviewed everywhere. Faith 
is in the news and featured positively! In fact in one recent interview 
the host was putting down Christianity and the guest said,  "Don't 
you know that faith is in? Putting down Christianity is old fashioned!" 
(-A rough translation). 

Our host says in the last few months there has been a noticable 
shift toward Jesus throughout the nation!  [-Source:  totalchange.org ]
There will be a Prayer Meeting in the 'Prayer' Chatroom at
"Revivalschool.com" tonight at the usual time. God's presence is
often very real in these prayer times. Please join us!  -TIME-
Tonight (Friday) at 9:00pm EASTERN or 6:00pm PACIFIC (-USA). 
(-I believe that is 2:00am GMT). Here is the website to go to:-
http://www.revivalschool.com ]