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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 12:10:50 +1300
MODERATOR:  Below are some responses to last week's
discussion on "Out-of-church" Christians:
From:           " three c's" <email withheld>

Andrew -  I am an "out of church" Christian.  Have been for over 
5 years now. I understand what you are saying about the 
dangers of becoming comfortable out here in the wilderness 
and not wanting to leave but tell me.... just what "promised land" 
are you inviting me to come into?  I don't see the promised land 
yet.  And I am not going back inside the church system. Now I 
know Jesus is building His Church, we just don't see it in
manifestation yet.  But we will.  And believe me, my husband 
and I will run with joy into it!  I can't tell you what it will look like 
or be like... I just know that it will come into manifestation. I have 
a feeling the leadership is going to look alot different than what 
we now call the "church".  Not a one pastor over a flock thing.  
I have a feeling Eph 4:11 is going to be the rule of leadership 
with the five fold operating.  

Thanks for opening up dialog on this.  And keep praying for us.  
Meantime we do meet weekly with other believers (many of 
whom are still in the system) for prayer and Bible study in a 
home setting.  We just know we cannot bring them out of the 
system.  We just love them and let God lead them....
From:           "jac" <email withheld>

You are right, in that many are simply drop-outs for selfish 
reasons: but what about those who have no where to "go" 
except back to the exact same they left? And what are they 
supposed to do there?  Make fresh trouble by disagreeing or 
disapproving?  Cannot this out-of-church(es) crowd seek out 
each other, in what way they can, and have Bible reading and 
or song-worship in their homes with whom they can?  

I (or some member of my family) has been to almost every
church-building within 20 miles of here. There is no way that we 
are welcome there to do anything but sit and give money.  We 
have tried to befriend; tried to be quiet and go along - we cannot. 
It does not work. There are 8 adults meeting here every Sunday....

From:           "Jeff'" <jpolitte@...>

God sends us into the wilderness for a very specific time and 
for a very specific purpose, then He sends us back into the 
body of Christ to complete the work He has given us to do. 
God sent me into the wilderness for a time myself but that time 
is over now. He has since called me to a new church that 
believes the way I do and has begun the process of restoring 
to me the ministry I had before, as well as to heal my heart of 
some past hurts. It feels great to be a part of such a loving 
group that does its best to live what they profess. Part of the
ministry I have now is to share those things God revealed to 
me during my wilderness experience. One of the things I feel 
led to share is how God changed "ME" during that difficult period.

This also happened to Elijah following God's victory on Mt. 
Carmel (I Ki. 18). Remember that when he fled from the threats 
of Jezebel he too headed out into the wilderness for a time, and 
God even blessed it. But then God, after showing the man of 
God His glory, asked him, "What are you doing here?" ...As 
long as Elijah remained on the "backside of the wilderness" 
God couldn't use him. That's why the Lord said, "What are you 
doing here?" and then "Go back the way you came." In other 
words, after God showed him what He intended to show him He 
sent him back to his people and back to the work of the ministry.

Also remember the wilderness is a place of testing and revelation. 
And, as such, it was never intended to be a permanent dwelling 
place for God's people. He brought them out to bring them in to 
the promised land. And you can never fully partake of those things 
that God has in the promise land if you refuse to leave the 
wilderness. He also sends you back to share with others those 
things He has shown you during your wilderness experience (just 
as he did with me). That's why Elijah was told to both anoint 
Elisha as a prophet and Jehu as king. Just imagine what would 
have happened if he never completed that work.
-Jeff Politte.
From:           Cynthia <chilton77422@...>

Dear Andrew, 
I'm one of the out of church Christians and I wanted to tell you 
how powerfully this word has ministered to me....I'm forwarding 
it to several of my out of church Christian friends because I think 
they need to read it to and be aware. I haven't been out of 
church but maybe 2 or 3 years and I think it may apply to me in 
several areas.  I have visited churches and as of recently been 
asking the Lord to show me if I'm to go back in.  I sometimes 
even think a person can get lazy, you know, you don't have to
get up, get dressed and all that, you can just maybe watch it 
on TV, the American way.     -Cynthia.