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Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 15:55:18 -0500
VIDEO LINK BELOW:  It was young people and housewives
proclaiming truth with great boldness on the streets last year at
Labor weekend in Minnesota. We were there along with Randy
Benham - who was inspired recently to write the following article
about boldness being UNLEASHED amongst God's people. At
the end is a link to a great little video that Randy made of what
happened in Minnesota. I tell you, the University we visited that
day was SHAKEN - and mostly by "housewives" preaching the
word of God. Most people preaching that day had never preached
in the open air before. See the video!  (-Andrew Strom).

"Boldness UNLEASHED"
-by Randy Benham.

We have been hearing that the “John the Baptists” and “Elijahs”
are coming to speak the Word of God in boldness, truth with
compassion and love. I can see that the season of playing church
is coming to an end… and friends I believe we are starting to see
the beginning of this end… There is a dying world ripe for the
harvest just on the other side of our institutional church walls…

Our children are dying on the streets because of what our culture
teaches, and they do not know right from wrong… they do not
know good from evil!

We stood outside of the theater witnessing to people coming out
from seeing the “Da Vinci Code”, and what I heard grieved my spirit
deeply.  Our beloved children are believing these blatant lies that
are coming straight from the devil himself, and not only our children,
but full-grown mature men and women came out of the movie
stating that they had a fresh and renewed spirit in their faith and
beliefs, and none of it had anything to do with Christianity!

The devil at this very moment is unleashing everything he can
from hell to deceive God’s very children and even Gods very elect!
…and the people of this world while buried in their pride are
drinking it up as easily as they would drink down a cup of
poisoned kool-aid.

But children of God… We have a weapon straight from the throne
room of Heaven…. from God Almighty Himself…….

We have a weapon that God is starting to un-leash around the
world.  He is unleashing it on street corners, in city parks, bus
stations, anywhere will do!  Brothers and Sisters get this… and
there will be no stopping it once it is fully un-leashed, and God
wants to use it through all of us!  It is the wonderful powerful
conviction of the Holy Spirit working through us as we stand up
on the street corners proclaiming His Word with boldness as we
once saw through Finney, Wesley, Maria Woodworth-Etter, and
other Saints of God from the past.

There is no place to hide from the Spirit’s conviction, once you
stand up and speak it. God will see to it that his Word is performed
and it will not come back void!  If we will just take that step and
walk in the Spirit and trust in God we will start to see people falling
on their faces in the streets, parks and bus stations, crying out for
the one and only true God!   I saw it in the spirit 4 years ago and
now I praise God for what He is awakening.   I see Him raising up
a people with a fire in their bones to proclaim His Word with a
boldness for His dying children.

We are starting to see more and more Saints standing up in
boldness on our Nation's street corners to fill a gap that the Church
has forgotten about.  I want to encourage you to join in taking the
streets back, Saints.  Let’s not give the devil another inch when
we have the Voice as one in the wilderness to voice God’s proven
Word throughout our Nation while we still have our rights to do so.

Last fall my wife and I joined Andrew Strom in Minneapolis to teach,
edify and encourage the youth to take the Word to the streets as
in the book of Acts.  What an incredible weekend we had!  As
you will see in the video below, God led us to a Lutheran University
in downtown Minneapolis to deliver a message to these kids.
And as you will notice, it’s not only for the youth of today to stand
up and preach God’s word, He also powerfully used housewives as well.

Click on the link below to watch the video; “Open Air Minneapolis”