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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 11:34:14 -0500
ANDREW STROM:  I spoke with Rick Walth at Katrina "Ground
Zero" in Mississippi by phone the other day. In the last nine
months they have literally seen the crippled walk, blind eyes
opened, diabetes healed, dozens baptized in the ocean and filled
with the Holy Spirit (including many Amish people, believe it or not!)

They have filled the mission base with bunks to hold all the
helpers and they hold nightly meetings out in the front yard, at
which God has been moving powerfully. Every day the needy of
that whole area are ministered to in a very practical way.

I know that many visiting teams are so powerfully affected by
their stay at that base that it transforms their whole mindset of
what Christianity can be - and how we can live. And many wish
that such a model could be established in needy areas all across
America. There is no reason why it couldn't be. It is so "New
Testament". I am always delighted to hear what God has been
doing down there. Below is Rick's latest report:

-by Rick Walth

As most of you know, in early September of last year Andrew
Strom, three other men of God and I came to Bay St Louis, MS
to help/ pray for the victims of hurricane Katrina for a one week
mission trip.  After only being here for a couple of days we were
blessed by a local lady, Yolande Bradley, to use her home as a
relief camp to house volunteers for a season.  I felt led to stay,
so the others on the team prayed for me and left me behind to
carry out the work that was started.  This home has housed
literally 100s and 100s of volunteers over the last nine months and
there are over 100 more booked in the next month and a half.

We’ve been praying to God as to how long we should stay on this
mission and for a while now I have been feeling one year.  Due to
the fact that the Corps of Engineers (they do all debris removal)
announced last week they will be pulling out in the next two weeks
and anyone who hasn’t gutted out their home by that time is
responsible to remove their own debris, which will cost a
substantial amount of money; it kind of forces us to get this house
gutted out and fixed back up for Yolande which will fall right in to
line with the one year mark, as it will take about that long to get it done.

I believe that we should bless Yolande, for her servant’s heart and
willingness to give all that she has, by fixing up this house for her.
Yolande, like so many others did not have flood insurance, was
denied FEMA assistance, lost everything including her job due to
Katrina and yet “what she has she freely gives”.  Due to the fact
that her job is temporarily unavailable, she works as a volunteer at
the county call-in hotline plus she helps us in so many ways that
words can not express our gratitude.  Being a ifetime local, she
knows the right contacts, the right people to go through to cut
through some of the red tape that needs to happen in an operation
like this some times.  All of you who have volunteered here and
have had the opportunity to meet Yolande, know exactly what it is
we appreciate about her.

Will you please help me accomplish and finish this mission that
God has called us to do?  We need volunteers for half of July,
August and September. Please pray about these time frames and
see if God wouldn’t lead you to come down here to help us
continue in as many houses as possible, plus work on this house
at the same time.  All of you who know me know that I never ask
for money or financial support for our ministry or missions.  I am
very transparent and honest about our needs and I believe God will
put it on the hearts of those who He wants to use to help us
financially - to do a complete make over of this house for Yolande.
If you feel led to help us financially renovate Yolandes home, you
can either send your donation to us at:

Daily Life Ministry,
2928 260th St.
IA  51235 (-and make sure you mark it “mission house renovation”)

OR you can send it directly to Yolande at:
Yolande Bradley
200 Seminary dr.
Bay St. Louis,
MS 39520.

If you send your donation directly to Yolande make sure you send
a note explaining what it is for because she does not know that
we want to bless her with this, so she won’t have a clue what it is
for.  The best way to help, if God would lead, is to come down here,
buy some materials yourself and help install them. We love you all
very much and look forward to working with you.

~Rick Walth
712-726-3044 home
605-261-1580 cell
[To see pictures from Katrina "Ground Zero" see Rick's website-
http://www.dailylifeministry.com/picture.htm ]