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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2006 10:29:43 -0500
-Andrew Strom.

People may be wondering why I am putting out an email like this -
whether there is some ulterior motive. Well no - there is none.
Our ministry does not get anything out of asking you to help
these orphans. I simply believe this is a very effective way to help -
and does not waste money - but puts it in the right place. These
3rd World children need our compassion, and a lot of us are looking
for something to do with our money that is scriptural and loving
and effective. This is simply the most straight-forward way that we
have found to do that.

A lot of us have been challenged by God in the area of our GIVING
lately. God has certainly been challenging me personally in recent
years - just by being around my friend Brother David, who spends
so much of his time in the Third World. I don't think we can begin
to imagine the terrible conditions that so many of our brothers
and sisters around the world live in.

So what can we do to help?  -This was exactly the question that
arose in David's heart in 2001 when he was taken to see some
Christian orphanages in Myanmar (Burma). Here is what he saw:
"Precious children were squeezed into small rented homes,
sleeping in rows on the floors. They had little to eat. Their clothing
was ragged. Their needs were overwhelming… far beyond the
means of our ministry. God, however, began to answer the
orphans’ prayers, and through the gifts of friends, we started to
improve the quality of their lives."

David was not joking when he said he thought his ministry was
too "small" to help. His organization is a 'one-family' outfit,
where they have no big Headquarters, but his whole family pitch
in to help any way they can. Because of this, they have few
overheads, and can pass on the vast bulk of money directly to
the orphanages themselves. From small beginnings, they have
now grown to the point where they are serving dozens of Christian
orphanages in Third World countries such as Myanmar, Kenya,
India, Sri Lanka, etc.

God has miraculously provided the means to do this - and to help
more and more all the time. In fact, they now have 500 orphans
around the world who are already sponsored.

The reason I am writing this today, is because there are another
500 orphans who are in need of sponsors at this time. David
began a ministry called 'ORPHAN'S TEAR' specifically to help these
little ones. I can personally vouch for David's ministry - and we
ourselves were blessed to be able to sign up. -For these are
CHRISTIAN orphans - being raised in a truly Christian setting. It is
my heart-cry that we can see many of the remaining orphans
sponsored - for just $20 per month.

Brother David writes: "Because we keep our administrative costs
low, $20 can actually provide food, clothing, and school fees for
one orphan in Myanmar for one month... Orphanages there are
overseen by dedicated Christians who provide caring Christian nurture."

He also notes: "Although you are sponsoring one child that you
“adopt,” your monthly gift will benefit an entire orphanage so that
sponsored children are not given preferential treatment over
unsponsored children. Please pray with us that every child in every
orphanage will soon be sponsored."

I just want to say here that 'ORPHAN'S TEAR' has my highest
personal recommendation. I know Brother David personally, and
minister alongside him all the time. I know he lives what he preaches.
And I also long to see these orphans sponsored. The Bible says to
help the orphans and the widows, and this is a very simple way to do it.

If you wish to become a sponsor, please visit the below web-site.
Simply click on the "Become a Sponsor" link on the front page,
and you can search through pictures of orphans who are waiting
to be sponsored. Please be open to God's leading as to whether
He would have you sponsor one of these little ones.

Here is the link to this 'ORPHAN'S TEAR' web-site-

May God bless you in your giving, my friends.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.