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Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2006 11:40:13 -0500
FIJI - POWERFUL REVIVAL - Eyewitness Account
-by Gary Schmitz.

I just returned from a 2 week trip to the Island nation of Fiji where 
one of the most powerful transforming revivals in the world is 
underway.  During my time I attended the Global Transformation 
Conference with George Otis, Jr and other world leaders involved 
in revivals in their nations.  Many Fijian pastors, tribal chiefs and
government leaders were also in attendance and we heard 
tremendous reports from around the world.  God is moving everywhere!
The revival in Fiji has powerfully impacted between 200 and 250 
villages and we were able to visit 6 of these villages during our trip.
Hearing the testimonies of chiefs, pastors, village elders and the 
ordinary people who have been impacted by this revival was the 
most life changing experience of my life.  I will never be the same 
and I sense such a fresh renewed passion to see revival here in the 
KC region.  The stories are consistant from one end of the islands 
to the other.... Villages are on a waiting list for the revival to come 
to their region.... A team of 30 - 40 young people with a group 
called Healing the Land Team come to the village and begin fasting 
and praying for about 2 weeks.  Then a Fijian pastor named Chief 
Vuniyani brings the revival team in to teach the gospel.  The Holy 
Spirit brings conviction and then there is an outpouring of 
repentence, brokenness, reconciliation of families, churches and 
relationships.  They typically have a bonfire to burn all occult and 
witchcraft and other materials and then the glory of God comes to 
every village with signs and wonders following.  Tremendous 
quantities of fish return to once barren waters, fruit and vegetables 
begin growing in abundance and unprecedented size, poisoned 
streams have become crystal pure overnight, coral reefs are being 
restored, dozens of new species of fish and coral (with no names) 
are appearing, there are physical healings, gentle healing rainfall 
returns to drought stricken lands, there is extraordinary academic 
improvement among children, etc. etc. etc. etc.....  I could go on 
and on and on with stories.  Had I not been there and heard the 
stories over and over I would think this is impossible.... but as you 
all know, with God, NOTHING is impossible.  I have now stood in 
villages living under an open heaven.  I have witnessed and felt the 
spirit of revival.  I have seen the joy of God on faces and smiles 
bigger than the full moon!
The government is being transformed and the laws of the nation 
are being rewritten to align with Biblical values.  There is wonderful 
unity and reconcilation among churches across the land and 
healing between native Fijians and Indo-Fijians.  I was deeply 
moved as I interviewed numerous men and women who had 
experienced fresh powerful transforming revival in their personal 
lives and in their families.  The joy of the Lord was so contagious. 
I think I got infected!
I hope we can all fall on our faces and cry out to God 
with desperate prayers that He would send a great revival and 
spiritual awakening to the KC region.  Please Lord do this here!  I 
have come home with a new sense of urgency.  We cannot wait 
another 2 years or 10 years.... I believe our city is ripe for 
breakthrough into revival.  
If it is in God's great heart to send a revival to Fiji, Uganda, 
Almolonga Guatemala, Cali Columbia, the Arctic region, Kenya, 
Argentina, etc. and etc. then it seems implausible to me that He 
would not desire to send revival to Kansas City!  I discerned 4 
common threads over and over in the Fiji villages and in reports 
from revivals in the other nations mentioned above...here they are:

1.  Prayer with Fasting is always there
2.  An Outpouring of Unity among pastors and leaders
3.  2 Chronicles 7:14 appears to be the prescription:  "If My people 
who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and 
turn from their evil ways...then I will hear from heaven and will heal 
their land...."  Humility, prayer, deep repentance, turning to God in 
faith, then God responds with powerful revival every time!
4.  There is always DESPERATION for God.
Is there anything on this list that we cannot offer to God here?  
Please join in where people are thirsting for these same principles 
and longing for revival.  I dream of the day God comes and makes 
history in our city.  What will it look like to live in the days of
transforming revival in your life and in your community?  
-Gary Schmitz,
Citywide Prayer Movement, Kansas City.