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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 23:16:35 -0500
NOTE:  Some people asked me where in Wisconsin we are shifting and
where the Gathering this weekend will be? -The answer is Mineral Point.
Entry is No Charge. Please call Dean Funk for details-  (608) 574-9603.

Below is a vision published by Hollie Moody in 2001. Someone recently
posted it on the Revivalschool.com Forum without even knowing about
our own 'shifting' situation.  I believe it may be applicable and helpful to
many of us.  -God bless!  -Andrew Strom.

-by Hollie Moody (Jan 3, '01).

The Lord showed me a group of people who were holding baskets in
their hands. The baskets were filled with gifts and different kinds
of fruit.

Each person was standing on what appeared to be a chess board. They
each appeared to have a particular spot that was theirs.

I then saw the Lord approach this group of people. It was as if
their eyes were blinded to His presence, for they seemed unaware
that He was there.

The Lord began to reach into the baskets of these people, and began
one by one to remove the gifts and the fruits in each person's

As the people gradually became aware that items were being removed
from their basket, they began to react in different ways.

Some of the people appeared panicked, and tried to grasp their
basket closer to their chest. When this would occur, the Lord would
then reach out, tug the basket from the person's arms, and upend the
contents of the basket onto the ground.

Other people at first resisted the Lord's efforts to remove the
items from their basket. The Lord spoke softly to them. At the soft
sound of His voice, these people immediately became still. Up until
now they had not been aware of His presence.

They still seemed unable to see the Lord, but now appeared to be
aware of the fact that what was happening to them was of the Lord.
Still, even with this knowledge, many of these people were weeping
as the items were removed from their basket.

When all the baskets were empty, there was a pause when it appeared
that absolutely nothing was happening. The Lord stood completely
still. The people began to look at each other questioningly, as if
trying to figure out what was happening. Nothing appeared to be

I then saw the Lord walk over to what appeared to be a door. He now
had an awl in His hand.

When the Lord reached the door, He softly began to call each person
over to Him. Some heard His voice calling to them; others did not.
Those who heard the voice of the Lord, walked over to where the Lord
was standing. The Lord told them to stand in front of the door. When
they did, the Lord took the awl, and pierced the person's ear with it.

When the Lord did this, the person would jerk with pain. The Lord
quietly spoke to the person, and the person would immediately calm
down. It still appeared that no one could see the Lord.

When the Lord was finished piercing the ears of those who had heard
His voice calling to them, the Lord walked back over to the chess
board. He turned and called the people with pierced ears to come to

Hesitantly, they approached the chess board. They each went back to
their original place. With both hands, the Lord took two corners of
the chess board and shook it. All the people were jostled from their
places. Some of the people fell down. They were all confused about
what was happening.

Then the Lord began to reach into the jumbled mass of people. He
would pick up one person, and place them in a particular spot. Then,
He would pick up another person, and place them on a particular
spot. He did this until all the people were placed on the chess
board, in a spot of the Lord's choosing.

The people were for the most part uncomfortable with their new and
unfamiliar spots.

I heard the Lord speak to them. He said, "Go and do what I have
assigned you to do."

There was silence for a time. Then one person asked, "What are we to
do? We don't know what is expected of us anymore. We don't know what
we are supposed to be doing."

"I have taken the old from you," the Lord replied. "Your old ways of
doing things, your old ministries, I have removed from you. This is
a time of newness for many of you. I am placing many of you in new
ministries, in new surroundings. Do not try to cling to the past. Do
not hold on fiercely to your old ways, and to your old ministries. I
will take them from you regardless of how tightly you hold onto
them. Even those of you who appear to retain your same ministry, I
will change things within it to accommodate what is to be made new.
Go and do what I have assigned you to do, with what I have given
unto you to accomplish this."

"How will we accomplish what You ask of us?" the same person who had
spoken before now asked.

"I have supplied each of you with the tools that you will need to
accomplish My will," the Lord replied.

"But we have nothing," another person said. "You have taken all from
us that we once had. What is left?"

"Reach into your baskets," the Lord replied.

Each person reached into their basket and removed an item.

"I have given each of you what is in your hand," the Lord said. "Use
what is already in your hand to do what I ask you to do."


After having received this vision, I asked the Lord the meaning of
having pierced the people's ears. I felt led to locate in the Word
places where people's ears were pierced. The passage that spoke to
my heart, is Exodus 21:2-6 ~ "If thou buy a Hebrew servant, six
years he shall serve: and in the seventh he shall go out free for
nothing....  And if the servant shall plainly say, I love my master, my
wife, and my children; I will not go out free:  Then his master shall
bring him unto the judges; he shall also bring him to the door, or
unto the door post; and his master shall bore his ear through with
an awl; and he shall serve him for ever."

As I further pondered where the Lord asks us to use what is already
in our hands to accomplish His will, I was reminded of the passage
of Scripture in Exodus 4 verse 2 ~~ "And the Lord said unto him
(Moses), What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod."

The Lord sent Moses against Pharaoh with the rod that was already in
his hand.

David fought Goliath with what was in his hand (a sling and stones).
The Lord is asking us to utilize what He has already placed within
our hands to accomplish His will and purpose through us. He is
asking us to use what is familiar to us. Because of its familiarity,
perhaps we have felt led to dismiss its effectiveness. While we may
be searching for something spectacular with which to do a work for
the Lord, He is simply asking us to use what we already have.

During this time of change of plans and ministries for many of us,
let us attempt to see that it is the Lord's hand orchestrating the
changes. Instead of resisting the changes, and opposing them, and
seeking to hold on to our old plans and ministries, let's try to
open our eyes to the new way and new ministries the Lord may be
guiding us into.

The Lord will place us wheresoever He desires, and use us in
whatsoever capacity we allow Him to. Let us bind ourselves so
completely unto the Lord (even as the servant in the Old Testament
who gave himself forever to his beloved master as his slave), that
we will obey completely and unquestioningly whatever the Lord
requests of us.

In Him,
~Hollie L. Moody

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