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Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 15:41:02 -0500
-Debbi Rennier (Jul 23).

Over the last three nights the Lord has given me this dream.

I saw the most beatiful golden wheatfield gently rippling in the
breeze. This field was of gigantic proportions, as large as
California and Texas combined. I seemed to be floating just above
the field and as I gazed downwards, I saw hands reaching up out
of the wheatfield. The hands were of all sizes and colors. They
seemed to be trying to reach or grasp for something or someone.

I then saw a few people, perhaps a half a dozen go into the field
and start to help those whose hands I saw grasping. Those they
helped in the field also began helping others. This scene was
really heartbreaking as there were so many who reached up and
so few to help. Many more were missed and overlooked than were

I then looked at the edges of the enormous field and saw much
frantic activity. Construction workers were busily building large
churches and big houses. I saw business people rushing to work
and car dealerships selling expensive cars. They were all totally
oblivious to the tragic scene in the wheatfield. They rushed about
as if nothing was wrong.

I then woke up. The Lord led me to The 10th chapter of Hosea.
Then HE spoke: "People keep building and laying-up treasures
here on earth. They will be destroyed. Seek that which is lost.
Do not waste your time on the foolish things that will perish..."

[~Found on the Forum at-  http://www.revivalschool.com ]

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