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Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 15:03:50 +1300
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David Wilkerson Writes...
(11 Aug 2003).
I have a question for you. Are you growing tired and weary
of hearing the Word of God? Or do you eagerly look forward
to hearing from the Lord, whether through written messages,
tapes, books or from the pulpit?

It seems to me that the majority of Christians today are
losing their love for the truth. So many go to church now
just out of habit, expecting an hour or more of religious
routine, but no convicting, soul-stirring message from
God's throne. I hear others who say they truly get
depressed thinking of going to their church Sunday after
Sunday, and not experiencing the manifest presence of

There are a growing number of mega-churches where many
thousands gather for an hour to hear a non-confrontational
gospel, watch a humorous skit, and see sinners made to
feel comfortable. Sin is not being exposed with spiritual
authority. The demands of the Cross are never mentioned.
And Christ, the Rock of offense, is preached as a
non-offensive pal. There is no weeping, no repentance,
no anguish for sinning against a holy God.

Some people have turned away from our ministry, saying it
is too hard, too negative. I have seen Christians leave
Times Square Church and seek out a church that doesn't
make them feel uncomfortable in their sins. But we are not
at all interested in simply packing the house. We do not
even count the numbers who come. As pastors, we know we
have to stand before God and answer for the souls placed
in our care. We preach a gospel of love and mercy - but
also of a God who is holy and just, and is coming back one
day for a spotless bride.

My cry for God's people is this: Don't lose your hunger
and thirst for the truth. Seek for it; pray that the Holy
Spirit will bring it to you. You can quickly become
lukewarm, cold and indifferent. And you can end up in a
church that will give you nothing but Bible principles,
without power, and no ministry of the Holy Spirit in power
and conviction.

I have noticed that fewer and fewer now write to us about
how our messages are touching them. Fewer seem motivated
to tell us of their hunger for truth and righteousness.
What is encouraging is that more young people, including
young couples, now write, describing their growing
appetite for truth - soul-edifying, soul-provoking truth.

Let me ask you: Where will the enclosed message go? Into
a wastebasket? Or will you take time to read it
prayerfully? Does the truth touch you as it once did? I
would love to know....

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