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Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 10:02:14 -0500
NOTE:  I think this is a powerful vision. We cannot allow the
fearful tidings of the future, or the bad news that is all around,
to stop us from spreading the word.

-S. Jha. (27 Sept 2006).

I saw a long (spacious) line of people, male and female, wearing
full-length white robes, standing at the edge of a sheer Cliff, with
both their arms extended out wide. They were clenching
something very tightly in their fists.

I was standing on the right, a safe distance behind them; And I
saw them from this sheer edge of the Cliff, look undecidedly at the
sky; It was fatal to be standing where they stood. Miles below
them was a Valley, should any have fallen, for sure they’d have
broken their necks and died.

They continued to gaze at the sky. Their gowns were fluttering in
the wind, and their gaze was affixed upon the Clouds.

Then an Angel came to them, and asked why they had not sown
the seeds they were clutching in their hands.

Each replied his own way.

One said, “The Clouds are getting dark, what’s the use of sowing,
for surely it will rain.”

Another said, “Looks to me like snow,” yet another thought the
Cloud was an ominous sign of some great disaster looming, etc.

Basically they were all saying to the Angel, “What’s the use,
what’s the point? Everything ahead looks bleak”. The longer they
stood there gazing at the Clouds, the more melancholic and
depressed they looked.

“Where do we sow these seeds?” was their reply to the Angel. “If
we sow here," they said, looking down at the valley below, "the
wind will carry it away, and what’s the use, just look at those
Clouds! There’s no place to sow these seeds.”

Their concern seemed that even if they ‘bothered’ to sow the
seeds, firstly, they wouldn’t know where they fell, (what a waste of
seeds that would be); And even if something did grow, surely
these Clouds would bring rain/hail/snow/hurricanes disasters etc,
and destroy all they’d sown. So what indeed was the use of sowing
seemed to be their line of thinking.

At this I was shocked. (The Angel was standing behind them, in
the centre, some distance away from the Cliff’s edge)

I asked the Angel, near whom I now saw myself standing, “Is it
really bleak?”

The Angel explained to me that from these people’s point of view,
considering where their eyes were affixed, in a manner of speaking,
it did ‘seem’ true, to them.

The Angel talked to the people standing at the sheer edge of the
Cliff and said:

Immediately, the people turned around. (Prior to this, they'd kept
talking to the Angel without turning around). And as they turned,
before them, they saw land for cultivation. (These people had
walked right past these lands, as the Clouds had fascinated them,
and this curiosity had then turned into an obsession and drawn
them to the sheer edge of the Cliff).

So each walked back the route they had come and a little
distance away, I saw an enclosed garden, a field, and vast tracts
of land.

Each of these people went to these different places, and there
they sowed the seeds, they had so tightly clenched in their fists.

(I saw when they opened their hands that, due to perspiration, the
seeds, which looked like mustard seeds, were clinging to the
palms of their hands).

No matter what the Clouds would eventually and actually do, these
white-robed people would surely see a harvest of what they had sown.

Ecclesiastes 11: 1-4-
"Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find it after many
days. Give a serving to seven, and also to eight, for you do not
know what evil will be on the earth. If the clouds are full of rain,
they empty themselves upon the earth. And if a tree falls to the
south or the north, in the place where the tree falls, there it shall
lie. He who observes the wind will not sow, And he who regards
the clouds will not reap."

~Found on the RevivalSchool Forum - http://www.revivalschool.com