[anzac] PAST WARRIORS to be USED AGAIN - (Vision)

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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 15:24:06 -0500

-by S. Jha. (28 Apr 06)

These White Eagles were in a Heavenly Place. In the presence of
the Holy Spirit, dark rain clouds descended on the White Eagles,
and as the cloud lifted I saw that the rain water was collected in
transparent, crystal clear containers, which were carried on the
backs of these Eagles.

The White Eagles flew off to a War Field, which was in a high
place, where a battle had long ended. In this phase of the war, the
evil forces had been annihilated. Strangely, the Victors, Soldiers
in thick home-spun, ( natural fabric ) uniforms were all sprawled in
the war field. Not one was walking or moving about, as survivors
normally do. They all lay wounded. Some even looked as if they
were dead.

The White Eagles quickly flew to these Soldiers and gave them
the water from their crystal clear containers,  to drink. The White
Eagles had packets of balm, hidden under their wings, which they
applied to the wounded Soldiers. Some Soldiers did not even
need the balm, but the Eagles applied it to them any way, as they
knew that these soldiers would not rise up, unless they were
assured that some medication had been given to them. ( Were
they spiritual hypochondriacs?)

Whilst the White Eagles were tending to the Soldiers, and not
unknown to them, another activity was taking place on the lower
portion of this high place. T.V. Stars-like personalities appeared in
the war field. Their uniforms were of man-made fibre, and looked
freshly tailored. They scouted the war field and wheresoever there
was blood, from the enemy or on the wounded soldiers, they took
and smeared it ever so carefully on their sleeves, or in any place
on their jacket, so long as it did not disturb their ‘look’. Then they
lay down on newspapers they had spread on the ground, so as not
to soil their smart shining looking uniforms. They knew the T.V.
Cameras/media were coming, so they wanted to look good before
the cameras. The media went ga-ga over them and reported their
victory in glowing terms to the cities that lay below. The live
telecast set off a time of partying in the city, carnival like floats
carrying orgies of wickedness, went about streets. The people
were totally uninhibited and unrestrained in their celebrations.The
streets were lined with people receiving back their heroes, ‘from the war’.


It appeared that this war had taken place a long time ago. These
Soldiers were neither seriously hurt nor dead. They had been so
stunned by the furious intensity of the war, the dreadful and
impact-full sounds it had made, that they all fainted. The soldiers
actually believed that they were fatally wounded or dead, therefore
though this phase of the war was over years ago, they lay
motionless in the war field.

The White Eagles knew that the Soldiers were neither fatally
wounded nor were they dead. Nonetheless,  the White Eagles
understanding the frailties of the Soldiers, attended to them with
great gentleness and understanding. Some who were absolutely
uninjured but yet lay on the ground as if they were, to them too,
the White Eagles applied the balm from the packets, they had
carried under their wings. These Soldiers just wanted a little fuss
and just a little pampering. They would only get up if some divine
medical help was given to them. Now refreshed and renewed
these mighty men of war rose to their feet, the tallest among them
had his arm in a sling, whilst the others really had only minor cuts
and grazes. They walked towards where the T.V. Crews had stood.

The last T.V. Crew that was there represented the oldest T.V.
Channel, and it’s crew was in the last phase of packing up to
leave. The crew-member-in-charge, seemed amazed to see these
Soldiers, who were wearing their natural-spun uniforms. He spoke
to the tallest Soldier, who was a General and said to him ”But
soldiers named x y z were here just a while ago claiming the
victory for this war."  The crew-member-in-charge rattled off a few
names of the soldiers. The General took a paper from his pocket
and could not find the names mentioned on the list. So this crew
member, described the shiny new uniforms of the soldiers. The
General smiled. “Oh, them! They are the victory claimers/stealers."
It appeared that the ‘actor soldiers’ were of a tribe that thrived on
stealing/claiming victory that others had hard fought for. They
could be found in the war-field, the football field, wheresoever there
were people to impress.  These actors would dress like the real
victors and claim that they were the real victors.

It appeared from what the General said, the people in the cities
knew that the claims of the actors were false, but they didn't mind
it as it only gave them another excuse to party and celebrate.
These liked to live in a perpetual state of celebration. That’s all
they wanted, a constant party, a carnival.

The General in the meanwhile, called all the other generals --This
had been a ‘world’ proportion war. They too brought forth their lists
from their pockets but almost all the names mentioned by the
crew-member-in-charge , were unknown to them, except a few.
The General informed the crew-member-in-charge that the few
names they did recognize, were not among them, they were
‘Deserters’ and their list would be displayed in the Town below.
(This  town was to the south of this carnival city) The crew-
member-in-charge was horrified to learn of the deception and
offered to allow them air-time on his channel so that the General’s
people would be told of their victory in war. The General declined
the offer. A large group of people came up from his west side and
the General said, “Our people are here and they do not need T.V.
programs to confirm our victories”.

The White Eagles had long left.

These risen Soldiers, spread all over the world, were healed by the
medical help sent by God to them, through the White Eagles. At
the end the soldiers looked hale and hearty.

Romans 11:29- "For the GIFTS AND THE CALLING OF GOD

This is what I believe the Lord is saying through this vision. There
are children of God, ministries, leaders, who ten/twenty years ago,
gave up, fainted. They thought they were too injured, or just plain
dead. God is Sending them Divine Medication to revive them as
there are yet wars to war, and to remind them of their past victory.
That war that they successfully fought, was only one phase of the
war. These who gave up 10/20 years ago, thinking that their
ministry/work in the Lord had ended... are being called to rise.
They were never losers. They just fainted. But Christ our Saviour
reminds us that the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.