[anzac] APPEAL FROM ANDREW - please read

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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 10:31:46 -0600
APPEAL FROM ANDREW - please read

Those who have been on this List for awhile know how rarely we 
do this kind of thing. But just once a year we give the members
of this List the direct opportunity to support this ministry. -If you 
have gotten something out of the articles that we send out each 
week - and want to give something to keep things going - then
we would be very grateful. Details are below. (-This is purely 
voluntary. There is no pressure at all).

As you know, God has led us to make sure that this List is free 
and to make our on-line articles, books, downloads and our 
meetings free as well. (-Which is exactly as it should be). But 
along with that there is the fact that I am in full-time ministry and 
this ministry has costs associated with it. Plus I have a large 
family to support (!!) 

Re: 'PAYPAL' - details below

For those who have received spiritual food from us - that is great. 
-That is what it is all about. And I do not believe it is right to 
'charge' for these things. But we are also in need of some support 
from time to time from our brothers and sisters. We believe that 
God has called us here to cry to the church of America to 'Awake' 
in this hour.

If you have benefited from this List, or the website or books or 
messages, etc, that we provide, then could you please consider 
donating something, my friends? 

If you go to the following web-page, you will see our "Paypal Donate"
link on there, which you can use to send an online donation to 
us. Here is the web-page:


But for those who would prefer to send their donation by post, 
here is our *NEW* address in Wisconsin:

Andrew Strom,
PO Box 169,
Mineral Point,
WI 53565,

We greatly appreciate your support, my friends. Thankyou so much.

God bless you!

Andrew Strom.