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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 10:13:38 -0600
-by Andrew Strom.

Check out this 50-year cycle:

The First Great Awakening was approx 1741-1743.

The Second Great Awakening was roughly 1799-1807.
(-Though some say it lasted into the late 1820's and that it linked 
up with Finney's revivals from the 1820's on. I think probably 
Finney's were "in-between" the 2nd and 3rd).

I totally agree with those who state that 1857-1860 should be 
considered the 3rd Great Awakening. (A massive worldwide "Prayer-
based" Revival. -Millions converted).

And then 1904-1910 (Wales, Azusa, India, Korea, China, etc) 
should be considered the 4th Great Awakening.

And 1947-1955 should be considered the 5th.
(-Great Healing Revival in USA, plus Revivals in Africa, Hebrides, 
Argentina, etc.)

Notice the (roughly) 50-year intervals between these 5 huge waves.
Yes - that's right. The USA has had FIVE GREAT AWAKENINGS - 
at roughly 50-year intervals every time. And we are due for the next 

In other words, there is a kind of "Jubilee" cycle of Awakenings in 
America, going back 250 YEARS. -But this can be lost if we do not press in.

Do you know - Wales used to be a "Land of Revivals" - even more 
so than America. But they missed ONE WINDOW of Revival and 
seemingly lost it all. Wales has not had a Revival now for 100 years.

Similarly - the 50 years is NOW UP for America. Will we enter into 
our next Awakening in time??

Today I don't know of ANY OTHER NATION that has a 50-year
history of Revivals like the USA.

But it is possible to lose it (-like Wales did) and if that happens
it will be a DISASTER for this country. We must enter into Revival 
while this "window" is open.

We need Revival pray-ers!! We need Revival preachers!!

It is URGENT that we do not miss this 50-year window. (For it is 
now 50 years since the end of the last one.)

How terrible it would be to be the first generation in 250 years to 
miss their "window" of Revival.

We need to PRAY!! We need to AGONIZE in prayer for this nation. 
Surely America must not become another Wales??

God bless you all.

-Andrew Strom.